At Lockwood, we’re always looking at how we can protect our users and the Avakin Life universe. With over 200 million registered users, a huge number of people have chosen to trust us. It’s crucial that our players feel safe and that we always protect them with effective security measures. To achieve this, Lockwood operates a Responsible Disclosure Program, allowing anyone to report potential security issues to us. If you think you’ve found a vulnerability in one of Lockwood’s services, we’re keen to hear from you!

The Responsible Disclosure Program covers the following assets:

· The Avakin Life game and services
· The Avakin Life website
· The Lockwood Publishing website

Please email your findings to security (at) Lockwood-publishing (dot) com

Please Note: We take a strong stance against any activity that may negatively affect our players or our game, whatever the intentions behind it. Any attempts to harm or socially engineer staff, players, third parties, or threaten the availability or usability of any of those assets listed above is explicitly prohibited.