We are currently looking for Fashion Assistant to join our Avakin Life retail department which creates a wide range of virtual products using the agile development framework. The Fashion Assistant will be responsible for researching current fashion trends relevant to Avakin Life’s target audience and creating collections of virtual items, including clothing, dances, poses and furniture as overseen by the Brand Managers. They will also communicate with the rest of the retail team or offsite workers to ensure that their items are created as envisaged, and that the art quality is on brand and consistent.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with strong fashion knowledge to be able to work on collections for multiple brands with very different aims and audiences, without the physical limitations of traditional construction, fabrics or sourcing.

Your Responsibilities Will Include

  • Brand awareness
    • Ensure brand consistency across all virtual item collections
    • Maintain a thorough understanding of the products that we create
    • Continue to design the in-app brands as distinct fashion brands with their own defining visual styles, from basics to luxury high fashion
    • Receive direction from Fashion Editor for new content collections, and ensure all designs are approved by them
  • Content Idea Generation/Management
    • Constantly maintain upcoming content collections across all of our projects
    • Ensure that empirical metrics and sales data is used to drive the nature and design of future products
    • Pitch ideas for new content based on current popular culture throughout all areas of the product
  • Quality Control
    • Monitor production by internal and external artists and provide artistic direction feedback.
  • Marketing
    • Suggest input for the marketing strategy for our various releases to fit the design of the collection
    • Pay constant attention to the wider market, including direct competition and developments across all platforms
    • Maintain a strong awareness of real-world trends and fashion
    • Monitor user feedback and suggestions
  • Awareness of wider market and competitors
  • Constantly communicate with Producers and Fashion Editor on all the above


    • Self organised and independent
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • The ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
    • Art direction skills, with an emphasis on quality and consistency
    • An understanding of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel
    • Background in fashion or fashion retail buying
    • Active interest in popular culture and trends
    • Active interest in apps and video games, including chat apps and life simulators
    • Working experience with, Favro, Trello, Perforce or SVN
    • Experience with outsourcing or working with remote teams
    • Interest in furniture or interior decorating
    • Interest in dance

Competitive Salary

Job Type

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Benefits of working here

  • Extremely competitive bonus scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Core hours attendance (10am-4pm)
  • Staff social outings
  • Pension or Gym membership available
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Industry leading software including Unity, 3DS Max and Maya
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