We have ambitious plans for our user customisable avatar system, pets and animated items, so we’re looking for a senior technical artist who specialises in 3D animation to help us develop those plans and make them a reality. You will be helping to define internal art processes and guiding asset pipeline implementation in collaboration with the Tools, Art and Rendering teams. The ideal applicant will have thorough practical experience of art and animation creation workflow, pipelines and tools gained from working on several published console or PC titles.


  • Design and build rigs and set up animations for human bodies, faces, animals and other animated objects
  • Help with research, design and implementation of user customisable and morphable face and body shapes, including how this will be presented to end-users
  • Produce both body and facial expression animations using a combination of weighted skinning and morph targets
  • Work closely with character artists, animators and technology programmers to research & prototype new techniques and improve existing animation solutions
  • Assist in identifying inefficiencies in run-time character rendering, toolchain or workflow and help find solutions
  • Explain and document technical animation and character rendering constraints in a way that's accessible to the art teams
  • Write artist-friendly tools and scripts to help with the animation and character creation process



    • Experience of building animation rigs for human, animal and other animated entities for at least one published title within the Console, PC or film industry
    • Experience setting up and producing art and animation content for real-time 3D game engines
    • Experience of modeling characters, hair and clothing
    • Experience of UV mapping methods for characters
    • Understanding of the pros and cons of different animation techniques such as skinning and morph targets
    • Knowledge of how to reduce Level of Detail for bones, morph targets and character meshes with visual quality in mind
    • Experience of optimising art content for memory and performance constraints
    • Thorough understanding of animation fundamentals for human and non-human characters
    • Experience with source control systems, ideally Perforce and SVN


    • Experience of animation using the Unity3D engine
    • Experience working on Mobile Platforms
    • Experience of in-game avatar creation and user generated content
    • Experience with clothing design software such as Marvellous Designer or CLO3D
    • Experience setting up characters for real-time cloth simulation
    • Experience with using displacement maps to deform characters
    • Knowledge of IK set up and implementation
    • Experience working with motion capture data
    • Experience creating normal maps
    • Experience of lip syncing for 3D characters
    • Knowledge of how to fake or approximate physics using animation
    • Understanding of modern real-time lighting techniques and PBR workflow
    • Experience using scripting languages to improve art workflow
    • Understanding of shader authoring languages such as HLSL or Cg
    • Familiarity with graphics profiling and debugging tools such as Renderdoc or Mali Graphics Debugger
    • Previous experience in a Lead Technical Art Role
    • Experience working with outsourcers
    • Understanding of real-world clothing design
    • Understanding of real-world hair styling

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  • Extremely competitive bonus scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Core hours attendance (10am-4pm)
  • Staff social outings
  • Pension or Gym membership available
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Industry leading software including Unity, 3DS Max and Maya
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