We're looking for a very experienced Community Moderation Director to join us and help push forward the player safety aspects of Avakin Life.

In virtual worlds, player interactions form the basis of what makes it compelling, interesting, and engaging. Players can form deep friendships and rivalries because they are given the tools to interact in meaningful ways, just like in the real world. Just like in the real world, some people are better behaved than others. At Lockwood we take an active interest in making sure that our communities are able to grow and thrive, as free as possible from negative and disruptive influences that degrade the experience.

The Community Moderation Director ensures that our expectations with respect to individual behaviour in the Avakin world are clear and understood, and that we establish and maintain reliable, proactive, accurate, and fair systems to ensure that those behaviour expectations are upheld, for the good of the community, and the safety and enjoyment of the individuals who participate in it.

Duties and responsibilities -

  • Develop strategy and key goals for community moderation;
  • Establish player code of conduct;
  • Build and maintain a team responsible for active moderation of player’s to comply with code of conduct;
  • Work with product development, community development, and live operations teams on features and events to promote and reward good behaviour, as well as mechanism for scaling and improving player messaging around code of conduct education and compliance;
  • Work with PR and Leadership team to respond to press inquiries around player behaviour and moderation;
  • Define and update the Code of Conduct that governs baseline acceptable behaviour in Avakin Life;
  • Define and develop proactive and scalable systems for dealing with behavioural correction, warning, and removal (if needed);
  • Staff internal and external teams to scale this initiative;
  • Ensure that all processes comply with regional regulations about data privacy (such as GDPR);
  • Manage relationships with community moderation partners/vendors.


    • Proven experience in moderating and managing large scale, synchronous, multi-user digital communities. Experience with well moderated, under-18 communities is a strong plus;
    • Proven ability to quickly grow multi-language teams to globally scale moderation activities while maintaining coverage and response quality;
    • Experience in fast-paced, high-growth, multinational operations;
    • Professional understanding of the mobile “Free-to-Play” business model and operations;
    • Experience with Community Sift chat moderation systems (or similar tools);
    • Experience with algorithmic chat analysis (heuristic and machine-learning) to identify subject and sentiment;
    • Strong public speaking skills and comfort in speaking in front of large audiences;
    • Outstanding organisational and leadership abilities.

Competitive Salary

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Benefits of working here

  • Extremely competitive bonus scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Core hours attendance (10am-4pm)
  • Staff social outings
  • Pension or Gym membership available
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Industry leading software including Unity, 3DS Max and Maya
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