Lockwood Publishing

Gift Machine Troubleshooter

If you’re having trouble with our Gift Machine, please follow these steps:



1. The Gift Machine uses Sony’s reward system to function, this system can be slow at times, so patience is the key if your Internet isn’t the fastest.

2. Go into a PlayStation®Home space with a Gift Machine in it – this can be a personal space with your Gift Machine active item, or a public one such as Dream Central (see below).

3. When you’re in a space with a Gift Machine, hang around for at least 20 minutes to give the reward system time to kick in!

4. If you don’t have your reward(s) yet, repeat step 3 after a little break.

5. If it still hasn’t worked please email us: contact@lockwood-studios.com.



1. Try sending gifts to one person at a time, instead of multiple recipients.

2. Please be patient and do not turn off your system or disconnect your Internet during the sending process.

3. Try using one of the built-in Gift Machines in the Gift Shop, Dream Central or Sunset Lounge public spaces.

4. If your system freezes during the sending process please contact Sony first (US support / EU support), as this is an issue at their end.

5. If you’re still stuck, however, send us an email (contact@lockwood-studios.com) and we’ll do everything we can to help.


– Dream Central public space with built-in Gift Machine