Mercian Diaries – The Characters

16th July 2012

You can’t rove around perilous Dungeons filled with all manner of vicious beasties in just your underwear! If you want to you enter the realms of Mercia you have to be garbed in the right duds and accoutrements to help you survive!

“But how do I do this?!” We hear you cry! By choosing the right ‘character class’ for your Home avatar of course – now read on! Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Environments

4th July 2012

The Mercian world is currently a collection of over forty areas, all linked together to create a large game environment that gives you a truly unique experience on the Home platform.

This game space environment is split into a series of rooms, which when combined, make up a Dungeon. Each room is like a small Home ‘space’, and we use pretty much the same workflow that you would expect for a space. First we create a block out and associated documents to describe how it would look, then design the space specifically so that it can be threaded together with additional Mercian spaces. Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – The Guardians

19th June 2012

Those helpful fellows dotted around the Mercia demo aren’t just statues you know? They are important characters in the Mercia universe! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get to the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth while you can and pick up your FREE warrior starter pack!

The statues are actually the ‘Guardians’ of Mercia. As stated above, they are the single most important element featured in the game – they allow the many Realms of Mercia to exist by holding them together and acting as Gatekeepers from the ‘old world’ to the ‘new world’. Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Get Equipped!

13th June 2012

So you picked up your FREE Warrior Starter Pack at the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth, right? Well, the sword and shield are just the beginning. In Mercia: Fractured Realms you can play as one of three warrior archetypes, giving you access to an array of different weapons. Exciting, we know!

To further whet your appetite for the upcoming release of our PlayStation®Home exclusive RPG, we’re going to unveil some of the weapons that you can wield in the game and also explain a little about their development. Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – The Creatures

4th June 2012

In this exciting edition of Mercian Diaries we’re going to give you an insight into the creation of the creatures that will be featured in the first Realm. Head over to the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth on 7th June and experience some of the creatures first hand in the Mercia: Fractured Realms Demo!

We carefully considered how everything should look and relate to each other in the world as it was a key factor that the creatures appeared to belong to the same ecosystem. It’s important to think like this when you’re trying to define the fauna of a whole world, because it will be more believable if everything looks like it belongs in that environment, having evolved the way they have over a long period of time in order to better survive there. Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Defining the Art Style

28th May 2012

Our forthcoming fantasy RPG game, Mercia: Fractured Realms (a PlayStation®Home exclusive), has got the team here at Lockwood very excited! Scheduled for release in Summer 2012, we’ll be releasing Developer Diaries each week leading up to its launch to give you inside information.

First off we’d like to tell (and show!) you about the game’s art style and how decisions made in the early stages of development eventually determined the game’s final look.

Continue reading