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LKWD Content Update for May 21 2014

19th May 2014

Group Animation Packs – Party Dance Pack!


If you’re a Home veteran, chances are you recall a user by the ID of ITCHyHEINI, a man who, with the use of four PS3 consoles, would make four individual avatars dance in unison. It was a spectacular sight to behold, and no doubt took a tremendous amount of coordination and timing to pull off. Now with the two-person animations, things have changed, and with our new Group Animation Packs (GAP for short), you can add up to eight people to dance with! Get ready for you and your friends to shake it like a Polaroid picture at your next party!

More Masks!


For every face, there is a mask to disguise it with. After all, isn’t Home about imagining yourself as someone else? From a horned samurai to a mysterious butterfly to a gas mask, be ready for your next masquerade with our assortment of masks.

More Leggings? More Leggings!


Our leggings made a hug splash last week, and you guys really showed us some cool and innovative ways how to pair them (for example, take a look at this outfit from Twilight Touch). So this week, we’re giving you even more incredible designs to work with. We can’t wait to see how people wear them!

6 comments on “LKWD Content Update for May 21 2014

  1. Great job at the Dance Pack ,Should be a heck of a lot of fun for Home users..It was for me and would have saved my hands carpal tunnel extreme! I’m going to have to hook up all my gear and get back to Home to check it out..Lockwood has always been the best when it comes to Home content and still going strong..

  2. Hope “Formula HT” did a wonderful job with that outfit and I’m happy that it’s lauded by you guys. Thank you. :D

  3. I know Hope! Wow she looks great! Just for clarification, her userID is formulaHT017 and I’m sure she will appreciate the kudos she deserves!