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Content Update for 5.7

6th May 2014


Figment Premiere

Springtime brings with it all sorts of gala events, and it’s the perfect time for your wardrobe to get a fresh new look!

(Not like you actually need a reason, but just in case someone asks, it comes in handy.)

Ladies look ravishing in shimmering gowns that are worthy of any Hollywood red carpet event. Admittedly though, it’s rather easy to design fabulous styles for the women, but what of the men? Usually, they only get two choices – black or white. How dull is that? So we kicked it up a notch by giving our single-breasted shawl collar tuxedo a splash of color.

Anime Onesie!


Okay, so maybe you aren’t the type of person who cares to dress to the nines. Maybe your fashion sense is more like an animal sense. Yeah, we’ve got you covered there, too. From bunnies to dragons, look impossibly kawaii – even if you do look a bit, erm, odd.

Glass Avatars


On the other hand, perhaps you don’t want to stand out. Perhaps you like to stay incognito. Not to worry – we’ve come up with some clever glass avatars that will take care of that. Now you can hide in plain sight! (Please note, this is a SCEA-region item only).

LKWD Life – More Levels, More Rewards!


Last week, we upped the level cap and rewards for LKWD Life. Now you can earn more XP and more rewards! What would you like to see come to LKWD Life next?


3 comments on “Content Update for 5.7

  1. Loving Lockwood Life! Dream Forest though would be superb with a day/night changer. as an aside in the dream forest + hideaway- when the geko is in the cave I can’t trigger xp. same with the iguana when its in the islands in the dream forest swim pool.

  2. Hi LKWD_Melissa & LKWD_Mike, I just bought the Arctic Voyage Clubhouse and I can’t access it, I can’t find it on PS home XMB menu. I can only access the Sunset lounge. Can you help me?