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A Chat with the Promo Team!

24th May 2014

It’s fun to create things – no, really, it is!

And it’s not just the items we create for Home or Avakin we’re talking about here. It’s a real blast to create the posters and videos you see us roll out every week. Ask anyone who has worked on a machinima project for Home and they will tell you the same thing. Why would we have avatars in our Critter Onesie outfits dancing in front of real life nature scenes? Because why not – it’s fun!

This is Adam and Jake, our dynamic duo of promotional material. They are responsible for churning out all the images and videos you see for our weekly releases. In other words, we look awesome because they are awesome.

Who are you?

Adam – Video Editor and 2D Artist @ Lockwood

Jake! I’m part of the promotions team at Lockwood

What do you spend most of your day doing?

Adam: Creating nice titles on After Effects, Taking Screenshots, Capturing footage, Sourcing Beautiful Music for videos and Getting excited about our new releases!

Jake: I mostly edit videos and create promotional assets (posters, billboards, website banners etc).

Which projects have you worked on that you were particularly proud of?

Adam: I have worked on roughly half of the Lockwood and Avakin releases since around July 2013. My highlight projects were Polar Rush, Serenity Lake, Whimsy Hollow and the Sodium Blimp. However, I’m most proud of the promotional videos for both Critter Onesies and Relaxed Poses Two.

Jake: The Prairie (I love Western themes!) and the Nightmare Yacht promotional materials, both were really fun to work on.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who wanted a job like yours, what would it be?

Adam: Practice every-day, video editing was my hobby before it became my work. If you have a true passion for what you do it makes every day rewarding.

Jake: Keep working on your portfolio! And always be on the lookout for new contacts who can give you a leg-up in the industry.

So – who feels like creating something this weekend?

2 comments on “A Chat with the Promo Team!

  1. This is great! I’m trying to get the leg in on my editing so I’m always down for something new, especially in creating.