Lockwood Publishing

Dream Forest Paradise

16th December 2013

From sunny beaches to twilit woodlands, to spectacular Northern lights, the Dream Universe has provided a wealth of exotic experiences over the last couple of years. However, there are still some luxurious locations Lockwood have yet to explore, and today marks the launch of another. Dream Forest Paradise offers a stunning apartment set in lush tropical rainforests, providing owners with breath-taking views from treetop bridges and a host of extravagant rewards to decorate it appropriately.

And if all that doesn’t make enough of a statement to your guests, there’s always Goliath. A formidable silver back gorilla, this gentle giant will carry you around on his back as easily as if you were a newborn kitten.

For those who truly want to live the dream there’s a Clubhouse version so even more of your friends can join you to swim in the lagoon, walk under the trailing branches and take in those incredible views.

6 comments on “Dream Forest Paradise

  1. I bought both places but it appears some bridges are missing to the small platforms on two trees in the back and a railing is missing behind the fireplace wall. Just wondering if something is supposed to be or planned for that opening and the missing bridges definitely look flat out missing. Should we expect something or write it off as teaser that’s not ever gonna happen or complete. Otherwise as usual with lockwood it’s a great place. Oh I nolonger go to the lockadoodles as I can’t delete one player mickey950. Perhaps it was a corrupt dl like happened with the crate but an update fixed that. Its been almost a year and no fix on lockadoodles. They should have a delete and reinstall button in these cases. The only other way is a refund then rebuy but was bought I think with coins so even with coin refund it doexnt delete the place or item. The refund deletes thd item from your account then rebuy sends it clean to you again. At least that’s always worked for me so far. This player anomily happened when I bought gift game for myself so the refund on the place didn’t work as the gift game stayed.

  2. I purchase the dream forest paradise club space and I did not receive anything. I previously purchased the home personal space. I purchased the club the next day and I did not receive anything. Please assist.

  3. I have been to many of my friends’ Dream Forest spaces, and have never gotten the wooden sideboard in walnut. I recently purchased the Dream Forest Paradise myself (partially, so I could get the sideboard) and have gotten all the rewards except one…guess which one that is?? What gives? What do I have to do to get my sideboard? If it was a free space, then I wouldn’t complain, but seeing as I paid for it, I want my promised rewards.