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Uproar Collection 1 – Oh Snap!

12th November 2012

Uproar is getting its first content update, the “Oh Snap” collection, which includes new items, rewards and a level cap increase!

Check out some of the other features we’ve added and issues resolved below…

Information points added to the Uproar lobby, allowing you to access the Uproar website and backstory from within Home.

The number of players in your session is now shown on the gang select screen and scoreboard.

You now keep your personal score on team swap and are awarded the relevant experience at the end of the round.

Issues with the controls sometimes not appearing on the inventory screen: fixed.

Issues with the experience bar sometimes being the wrong colour: fixed.

You can now see a player’s XP level, and whether they’re dead or in the inventory, on the scoreboard.

We’ve Moved in-game respawn text down to prevent clashes with XP text.

Adjusted “Fusion” and “Quad” maps to block some unnecessary hallways and rooms, making for a better 4v4 experience.

New items added to the inventory for rental, gifting and purchase: Male Punk outfits, Female Punk outfits, The Binoculator (Primary Weapon), Gauss Rifle (Primary Weapon), Lil Stumpy (Secondary Weapon), Stop Sign (Melee Weapon), Double Jump (Serum), Zen (Taunt), Oh Snap (Taunt), Le Hoo Sa Her (Taunt), Collection 1 – Oh Snap! (Bundle).

If Uproar is an alien concept to you, check out Sony’s dedicated blog about it!

4 comments on “Uproar Collection 1 – Oh Snap!

  1. whats going on with the servers ? havent been able to play this game for days now .. also i have another playstaion , and can’t access any Lockwood related game space or items with it , any ideas ??

    • We’re looking into the Uproar server issues with Sony at the moment. Your second issue may be due to ‘age gating’ – perhaps check to see if you’ve got anything like that enabled on your PS3/PSN account?