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Iron Fusion Panthabots

12th November 2012

With help from their growing family of Mechs, Iron Fusion’s scientists studied the esoteric design of the Samurai and Geisha Bots and used their findings to create the next generation of transforming robots. Unlike their predecessors the Mechjets, Panthabots Falchion, Makhaira, Shamshir, Atrox, Azandica and Tulliana are able to alter their form at will.

The Panthas have exceptional visual and olfactory scanning capabilities. They have begun training in physical combat, apparently in preparation for a coming enemy, but are reticent when it comes to specific details. Initial data implies that the past disappearance of several Solar Fusilier and Abyss Trooper units, plus the appearance of a mysterious ‘Shadow Portal’ are all somehow connected to the Panthabots’ high alert status…

Check out this video preview of the Panthabots!

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One comment on “Iron Fusion Panthabots

  1. Heya guys, sweeeet update on the Iron Fusion bots.

    I like it and I’m getting one of those, ’cause I found a video that showed me the prices.

    One costume for $9.99 and three for $19.99 (in the 2 weeks exclusive bundle).

    They’re quite expansive. You know that living costs more these days so I hope
    the next bots will be a bit cheaper.

    But, over all I like it.