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Uproar – Taunts

12th October 2012

The Uproar Arena became a popular talking point for the already disheartened and downtrodden public. They began to root for and support their favourite gangs, and even individual participants. The gangs embraced their new found fame and power, with some gangs becoming overnight celebrities. They no longer fought to settle their differences, but instead to command maximum respect from other gangs and receive the public’s adoration.

Taunting during battle became a great way to showboat after a good kill or simply as a means of disrespecting your opponent.

9 comments on “Uproar – Taunts

  1. Hi,

    Really exciting work you guys are doing. I’m really looking forward to playing it. However, I have a few questions:

    When will Uproar be released?
    How do you intend to deal with cheaters? Namely those using lag switches.
    Will there be a single player mode vs bots, ala SodiumOne?
    Will playing Uproar allow you to earn points to exchange for rewards (like S1) or would the player get them while leveling up (S2)?
    When you gift or buy guns for use in the game does the user receive a firearm avatar or apartment item?

    This is off topic, but what is you official comment in response to the Gift Machine having yet to appear in Japan? And of getting Mercia: Fractured Realms goods without the game? Can Japanese users only expect Uproar clothing?

    Thank you for you time. Hoping you are willing to answer at least half of my questions.

    • Hi tetsuyashino,

      Uproar will be released tomorrow! The game is entirely PvP. You earn unlock keys by leveling up and you use those to aquire new gear that also becomes available as you gain levels. You’ll be rewarded with some furniture items as you level up too. We hope this helps!

      Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for your reply. It will be the the first think I check out after the maintainace is over!

  3. helllo. i need to say one thing to uproar team. when we kill 1000 people at uproar, we must received one key of taunts. please do it. please uproar team do it.