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Uproar – The Inventory

9th October 2012

Troika has many global brands to its name – Magnitude Industries, Grilla Gunz and OPS Munitions being its three foremost. It made perfect sense, therefore, to provide the competitors of the Uproar Arena with a full selection of these weapons to choose from; including several familiar melee weapons that gang members would have used on the streets. Troika wanted to make their weapons as accessible as possible, so they chose to offer them in three forms: for purchase, rental and gifting. Due to collaborative nature of Uproar, gifting items to fellow gang members is encouraged by Troika and actually works out cheaper. Troika’s intentions here, whilst appearing to benefit the people, were always underlined by greed.

Additionally, Troika began to fuel the participants with their extreme genetic enhancement Serums from sister company, Troika Laboratories. These Serums give participants short bursts of super strength, speed and other incredible abilities.

Participants are also given the option to wear a wide variety of gang representative clothing, displaying their chosen allegiance with pride and style.

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