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The Gift Shop

10th October 2012

The Gift Shop is now open for business! Browse what is currently available and get an idea of some forthcoming Halloween gifts we will be releasing over the coming weeks.

You can visit the Gift Shop by going to the ‘New and Recommended’ section of your Navigator.

9 comments on “The Gift Shop

  1. Heya guys,

    Why is it that NA ALWAYS gets things first… It’s always the BEST things they get 1st, WHY O WHY not EU….?????????

    I’m getting real tired of this BS to us here in EU. We are always getting the 2nd hand stuff, NO… STOP with that please.

    • Actually serious home users know NA doesnt ‘always’ get things first. In fact when it comes to Granzella NA region gets things weeks of not months after EU gets them. That doesnt include special events that are only EU which NA never gets to have.

      Thankfully we’re lucky enough to get lockwood things first but in the reality EU gets Granzella before NA.

      Also keep in mind EU keeps censoring things from lockwood in the past a worry they dont have with NA home.

    • I understand your frustration but what can they do? I’m already pissed as it when they say ‘Asia has very low gamplay’ BS and thus not releasing UPROAR in my region.

  2. Hello,
    Let me start by saying the store looks amazing. There are alot of nice items there. I was wondering is there any chance of having the decorations available that you have out. I am referring to the pumpkin clusters with the hay stack and the tree and the carved pumpkins. They are great looking and I would love to use them for fall decorating.
    I look forward to the new items but I am really into decorating my personal spaces. Thanks for your hard work and time. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

  3. I haven’t seen this yet as it’s not in EU. But will this let us preview items as well as adding them to our wishlist? If it’s that, would be awesome.