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Lockwood’s Halloween Clothing 2012

8th October 2012

The Lockwood Halloween Extravaganza continues this week with a new range of Halloween costumes from Fool Throttle. Creepy costumes have been done to death, so Fool Throttle’s created outfits with a twist around the theme of a hot Halloween Beach Party. Choose your favourite Fool Throttle character or create your own by mixing and matching.

Damon Allburn is a devilishly handsome singer who sold his soul in exchange for fame. Invisible Keith used to just be Keith, a happy-go-lucky surfer, until he got sucked into a mysterious whirlpool and when it spat him back onto the beach, things had changed! Felicia is a fashion-conscious feline who’s generally pretty laid back and enjoys reclining in the sunlight. Ella Vam Pire isn’t interested in pallid complexions and draughty crypts like the rest of her family, so she’s headed to the beach to work on her tan instead. Last, but not least, there’s Skelly Kelly. Kelly isn’t undead and doesn’t have supernatural powers, she’s just a friendly, fun-loving girl who enjoys hanging out at the beach with her unusual friends, showing off her macabre fashion sense.

Some frightening favourites return to the Gift Machine, so if you missed out on Skinny Vinny or Coffin Colin last year, here’s another chance to add them to your Wishlists.

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