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Halloween Photo Competition!

18th October 2012

To take part just follow these three simple steps:

1. Choose your outfit, companion and location – they can be anything you like, as long as they are Halloween themed.

2. Compose and take your photo.

3. Submit your photo to us using the >> ENTRY PAGE <<

Done! You’ve now been entered into the FREE PRIZE DRAW with a chance to win pre-release Iron Fusion transforming robots!

For a run-down on how to enter via the Gift Machine click this link…

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9 comments on “Halloween Photo Competition!

  1. I couldn’t access this contest from the gift machine, but i was so inspired, by george i used my computer and i entered! yaaaay! very exciting. Good luck everyone. You too Mr Quest :)

  2. Lol ive entered the contest to i cant wait to see who the winner is the suspence is killin me ^-^

  3. lol i forgot its a “voting” contest, y’all may as well take my pic outa the race haha, cause even tho i have 3 accts w/ full friends lists, sadly i can count on 1 hand how many of them are interested in these type things so i’m sure i’ll be “Drop Dead” last in the polls, oh well i had fun thinkin up the idea for my entry lol, Good luck to all the entries ;^)

  4. Wow, LKWD, thx 4 pickn 1 of my pix, out of probably thousands on Home. Im part of 6 ppl. ;-) TY & GL every1!

  5. “1. Choose your outfit, companion and location – they can be anything you like, as long as they are Halloween themed.”

    So why are two of the pics runners up in the Halloween contest when one pic is at the dragon game at Lockwood and the other pic has a non related Halloween companion, the lion?

    • Hi hell,

      We felt that the lion became Halloween themed when used as comicjenius has done in the picture; by making PODI cast an eerie green glow on him, they’ve turned an otherwise normal companion into a Halloween themed one!

      CLARKEYSPARKEY cleverly waited for the giant Cockatrice in the background to jump into the air, whilst at the same time coordinating his floating skull companion to appear as the cockatrice’s disembodied head – very Halloweeny, we thought.

      But we understand that everyone has a different opinion and is entitled to it.

      Kind regards,