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Cucumber Bathroom Furniture

29th October 2012

Cucumber returns with a range of bathroom furniture. Make your apartment that little bit more comfortable with the Modern Lines bathroom suite. Head to the Lockwood store and choose from the traditional Woodland colour scheme, or the bright, contemporary Dazzle set. If neither of those take your fancy, there’s also an exclusive monochrome set available from the Gift Machine. Continue reading

Halloween Photo Competition!

18th October 2012

To take part just follow these three simple steps:

1. Choose your outfit, companion and location – they can be anything you like, as long as they are Halloween themed.

2. Compose and take your photo.

3. Submit your photo to us using the >> ENTRY PAGE <<

Done! You’ve now been entered into the FREE PRIZE DRAW with a chance to win pre-release Iron Fusion transforming robots!

For a run-down on how to enter via the Gift Machine click this link…

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Uproar Released!

17th October 2012

Uproar is a frantic and fun third-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation®Home. We’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you an experience unlike anything seen on the platform before. The game is extremely easy to jump into and play; the controls and gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played a third-person shooter before, however, there are some interesting tweaks to spice up the gameplay and keep it feeling fresh. We think you and your friends will have a lot of fun battling it out in the Uproar Arena!

Check out Sony’s dedicated Uproar blog for the full launch details, including extra images and game information. Find out more about the world of Uproar by reading the backstory on Uproar’s blog page and make sure to read HomeStation Magazine’s interview with a couple of Uproar developers. Continue reading

Uproar – Taunts

12th October 2012

The Uproar Arena became a popular talking point for the already disheartened and downtrodden public. They began to root for and support their favourite gangs, and even individual participants. The gangs embraced their new found fame and power, with some gangs becoming overnight celebrities. They no longer fought to settle their differences, but instead to command maximum respect from other gangs and receive the public’s adoration.

Taunting during battle became a great way to showboat after a good kill or simply as a means of disrespecting your opponent.

The Gift Shop

10th October 2012

The Gift Shop is now open for business! Browse what is currently available and get an idea of some forthcoming Halloween gifts we will be releasing over the coming weeks.

You can visit the Gift Shop by going to the ‘New and Recommended’ section of your Navigator.

Uproar – The Inventory

9th October 2012

Troika has many global brands to its name – Magnitude Industries, Grilla Gunz and OPS Munitions being its three foremost. It made perfect sense, therefore, to provide the competitors of the Uproar Arena with a full selection of these weapons to choose from; including several familiar melee weapons that gang members would have used on the streets. Troika wanted to make their weapons as accessible as possible, so they chose to offer them in three forms: for purchase, rental and gifting. Due to collaborative nature of Uproar, gifting items to fellow gang members is encouraged by Troika and actually works out cheaper. Troika’s intentions here, whilst appearing to benefit the people, were always underlined by greed.

Additionally, Troika began to fuel the participants with their extreme genetic enhancement Serums from sister company, Troika Laboratories. These Serums give participants short bursts of super strength, speed and other incredible abilities.

Participants are also given the option to wear a wide variety of gang representative clothing, displaying their chosen allegiance with pride and style.

Lockwood’s Halloween Clothing 2012

8th October 2012

The Lockwood Halloween Extravaganza continues this week with a new range of Halloween costumes from Fool Throttle. Creepy costumes have been done to death, so Fool Throttle’s created outfits with a twist around the theme of a hot Halloween Beach Party. Choose your favourite Fool Throttle character or create your own by mixing and matching.

Damon Allburn is a devilishly handsome singer who sold his soul in exchange for fame. Invisible Keith used to just be Keith, a happy-go-lucky surfer, until he got sucked into a mysterious whirlpool and when it spat him back onto the beach, things had changed! Felicia is a fashion-conscious feline who’s generally pretty laid back and enjoys reclining in the sunlight. Ella Vam Pire isn’t interested in pallid complexions and draughty crypts like the rest of her family, so she’s headed to the beach to work on her tan instead. Last, but not least, there’s Skelly Kelly. Kelly isn’t undead and doesn’t have supernatural powers, she’s just a friendly, fun-loving girl who enjoys hanging out at the beach with her unusual friends, showing off her macabre fashion sense. Continue reading

Go Pink 4 October!

2nd October 2012

To celebrate all things pink, this October we will be giving away a FREE pink male and female outfit to everyone in PlayStation®Home. Whilst we won’t be directly raising money for cancer charities, by giving away something for free we hope to reach a larger portion of the PlayStation®Home community and help raise knowledge and awareness about breast cancer. You can spread the word by sending free pink items from the Gift Machine too!

Check out the pink items on offer HERE, and see the “Pink Pictures” people have been sending us HERE. Continue reading

Uproar – Arenas

2nd October 2012

After successfully dividing the people, Troika had regained control; but this didn’t solve all of their problems. Violence between these new gangs escalated in the streets and began to cause issues for the general population. Instead of attempting to crush these now individually weaker gangs and risk reuniting them under a common goal, Troika decided to try a different approach. They embraced the gang wars and positively encouraged them by building the Uproar Arena – a custom built location for combat, situated within an abandoned power station. Troika even provided the gangs with numerous, often experimental, weaponry and biology-altering Serums to fuel their feuds.

It quickly became apparent that the Arena alone would not be sufficient to house all of the contestants and new, makeshift arenas had to be set up in other locations. The Action District became a popular place to fight as it replicated the street environment that most of the gang members were used to. Continue reading

Lockwood’s Halloween 2012

1st October 2012

Lockwood have a Halloween Extravaganza on the way for you over the next few weeks. Kooky costumes, spooky fireworks spectaculars and gruesome gifts, Lockwood has them all! First up, some freaky teeth to give your costume extra bite! Are you a fun loving donkey with a braying laugh, or a sinister shark with a spine-tingling smile? Let everyone know with a set of novelty teeth.

Also this week, a special little something for all the Homelings out there – FREE Head Extenders to ensure those Neurocraniums really are superior!

Next up, PODI has some spooky surprises in store for brave firework enthusiasts. The Spooky Surprise PODI Fireworks box includes Jack O’Phantom, for producing creepy faces in the sky, and Bouncing Pumpkins that will ricochet around the place leaving trails of bright sparks. PODI himself has also had a Halloween makeover and can now be purchased in sleek black and green as well as classic white. Continue reading