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Uproar – The Gangs

29th September 2012

As violence spread across the globe, Troika began to feel the strain – they were running out of time and resources. They still had one last trick up their sleeve, however. Troika realised that while the combined strength of the people was too much for them to handle, they could bring about the uprising’s collapse by creating internal conflict within their camps. Troika sent saboteurs into the resistance; their task was to spread conflicting ideologies of democracy, anarchy and communism. This widespread mixing of ideals reignited the people’s personal ideologies. The people split and were no longer united by their combined hatred of Troika. Continue reading

Uproar – OPS Munitions

26th September 2012

OPS Munitions began its life as Troika’s first solo venture into the world of arms manufacturing. Their aim was to provide efficient weaponry built on a massive scale – enough to outfit an army, or two. People took notice, and it wasn’t long before OPS Munitions was contracted by armies across the globe, becoming the world’s number one supplier of government sponsored weaponry. Troika were not satisfied with this success and began to rapidly expand, providing weaponry to anyone willing to pay their incredibly cheap prices.

Today, OPS Munitions is known for its reliability in battle and ubiquitous presence. The Commando assault rifle is currently the most used weapon on the planet, holding the dubious honour of ‘most lives claimed by any one weapon in existence’. OPS Munitions also specialise in silenced weaponry, allowing its customers to take out opponents without being detected. The highlight of their range is the all new, fully automatic Auto-Frag Shotgun, which can tear through an entire squadron of enemies in seconds.

American Wildlife Companions

24th September 2012

Sssshhh! Walk quietly, or you’ll scare them. If you keep downwind and crawl through the bracken with binoculars to hand, you might be lucky enough to spy three creatures playing together. You wouldn’t usually expect to see these guys getting along, but Lockwood’s captive breeding program has resulted in more docile examples of the species. Sammy the Skunk, Bartholomew the Bear Cub and Wulfred the Wolf are available now in a woodland near you!

Sammy the Skunk is cute, fluffy and friendly, but don’t annoy him, ‘cos he’ll kick up a stink! Bartholomew’s a playful little chap who sometimes forgets he’s a bear and tries to walk like a person. Wulfred enjoys human company, but sometimes he misses life with the pack and howls to make sure he doesn’t lose touch with his wolf brothers. Continue reading

Uproar – Troika Laboratories

22nd September 2012

Troika began life as the science-led, global healthcare company, Troika Laboratories. They enjoyed massive success in the early 2020s with a range of highly influential and often controversial pharmaceutical products. They received large amounts of disdain from the general public after a few of their products resulted in catastrophic side effects for thousands of people; however, these stories never saw the light of day thanks to Troika’s stranglehold on the governments. Troika Laboratories were never far from scandal or accusations of blackmail, and government officials who sought to close them down would vanish. In the late 2020s Troika’s power and reach grew, allowing them to acquire businesses from all sectors – but most importantly in arms manufacturing. Everyone feared Troika, whose power seemed to have no limits, and any conflict across the globe had Troika at its heart.

Unhappy with simple cures for ailments, Troika began researching human enhancement products, specialising in combat efficiency boosts. These ‘Serums’ could give the user a brief, but extreme boost to their strength or speed. Even though the long term side effects of Serum use were unknown, Troika used large numbers of the desperate and impoverished public as guinea pigs – their lack of concern only outweighed by their arrogance. So when Troika introduced the Uproar Arena, they knew it was the perfect opportunity to see exactly what their Serums could do in the heat of battle. Continue reading

Uproar – Magnitude Industries

20th September 2012

Magnitude Industries was the world’s leading technological advancements company. They stunned the world with fantastic innovations, such as a clean water supply for the entire planet, more accurate and safer surgical tools, as well as massive improvements to global transportation methods. However, when the world descended into chaos, Magnitude Industries lost all investment in their research and had to seek out new ventures with which they could keep the company afloat. Realising the new opportunities offered by mass warfare across the planet, they turned their hand to the creation of devastating weapons.

Magnitude Industries became renowned for incredibly powerful weapons. They revolutionised the battlefield, but this success did not go unnoticed. Magnitude Industries was acquired by the Troika family as part of their aggressive global takeovers. Troika kept the Magnitude Industries brand going as an attempt to profiteer from their once good name. Today, Magnitude Industries sets the world standard for high precision, laser powered heavy rifles. They strive for unbeatable precision and deadliness. The highlight of their range is the extremely deadly, laser powered Gauss Rifle.

Uproar – Melee Weapons

18th September 2012

The year is 2031 and the world has descended into chaos. An energy crisis of unprecedented scale has gripped the world with fear. Resources are beginning to run dry. The global superpower, Troika, has more control than ever and the weakened governments cannot afford to regulate the people. Corruption runs rife and the public is kept in the dark on where the power really lies. Troika’s influence grows stronger with each passing day and freedoms are censored; all public and media activity is now within their power.

With freedoms so brutally controlled, the people have gone underground. They’ve found areas where they can’t be monitored or censored. As more people flock to these underground locations, they’ve begun to gather under a common cause – to bring power back to the people. They’re planning and preparing their uprising against Troika, scavenging supplies and weapons wherever they can. Crude weapons are used, such as baseball bats, sledge hammers, even stop signs.

Violence has erupted around the globe as the people rise from the underground and begin to take down Troika piece by piece. Troika is hit simultaneously in many locations; they struggle to cope with the massive number of attacks, despite the amount of resources they have at their disposal. The uprising continues for many months and the people grow tired, but with the end in sight they refuse to give up. Troika are now desperate to find a way to quell the uprising before all is lost…

Uproar – Grilla Gunz

14th September 2012

In a world turned to ruin, only those cunning enough to find their own place will survive. This can be said of two young entrepreneurs from Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 14, two boys started their own pistol production business in a shed, to profit from the brutal gang warfare happening on the streets every day. ‘Real’ weapons were becoming very hard to come by, but the boys managed to create deadly alternatives from scrap metal and salvaged materials. Soon they had built up a real business and struggled to meet demand. They began hiring others to help, and expanded into creating machine pistols and rifles. Before long they had become the largest distributor of small arms in South America.

Like all gun manufacturers, Grilla Gunz has since been acquired by Troika. Today, Grilla Gunz offers very unique weaponry that retains its street feel; while they may not be the most reliable weapons, due to Troika cutting corners on production costs wherever possible, they pack a real punch and sure do look the part. The highlight of their range is the “Binoculator” – a long range assault rifle with binoculars for a scope.

Shoes – The Inside Story

10th September 2012

From stylish formal flats to killer heels to armoured Iron Fusion footwear, Lockwood have always been at the forefront of shoe design in Home. Slip on some comfortable plimsolls, take a walk down memory lane with Lockwood, and remember all those great shoe innovations!

October 2009:

> Paleontologists discover a fossil of humanity’s oldest ancestor.

> International Olympic committee announces 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

> Lockwood launches their first major shoe collection.

These humble trainers were actually groundbreaking in two ways. Continue reading

Uproar – Teaser

5th September 2012

Just after bringing you Mercia: Fractured Realms, Lockwood have another surprise up their sleeves! Later this year the new, free-to-play, fast paced, action packed 3rd person shooter, Uproar, will be released in PlayStation®Home!

This shooter allows you to free roam various maps, playing as the renowned Swyfts or the notorious Outlaws. There’s a wealth of customisation options to look forward to, including clothing items, projectile weapons, melee weapons and more! Interact with other PlayStation®Home users in a whole new way, in an experience unlike anything seen on the platform before.