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Figment: From Fashion to Real Estate

29th August 2012

This week the team here at Lockwood celebrate the launch of a new personal space: the Dream Island.

Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise. Explore the beautiful natural surroundings, admire the innovative architecture and discover hidden wildlife. The full apartment will be available in three different value packs, with a selection of hidden rewards and an Exclusive Store updated with new designer clothing.

To discover more about the Dream Universe, we’d like to take a look back over the history of Figment and how the collection went from fashion to real estate over the past eighteen months…

Figment began as a small, formal fashion label in February 2011. The incredible success of our Gentleman’s Suit led us to look into developing our portfolio and branching out into other products.

Real estate may not seem like the natural progression from a clothing collection, but at Figment we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver oxymorons – understated glamour, restrained extravagance, simple sophistication – where better to really let these contradictions fly than in the creation of an outstanding property?

Construction of the Dream Yacht began shortly after the success of our clothing range had been determined.

Moored in a luxurious tropical archipelago, the Dream Yacht offers three decks of accommodation, comprising a bar/entertaining area, bedroom and lounge/dining room, plus a personal top-deck helipad for those with a taste for aviation. Features include a hot tub, onboard store (including exclusive items available only to our valued Figment customers and their guests) and incredible views of the ocean and surrounding rock formations.

The Dream Yacht smashed all our expectations with its incredible reception, winning AlphaZone4’s “Best Apartment 2011″ award and remaining one of the most popular personal spaces on the market today. Following this, our portfolio is set to expand again with the Dream Island.

Many of our clients, though impressed by all the Dream Yacht had to offer, expressed a desire for access to a private beach as part of the real estate package.

The Dream Island certainly fulfils this desire and much, much more. Situated close to the Yacht’s mooring location, the Dream Island offers white sandy beaches, modern condo living and a secluded swimming pool.

Amongst this delightful property’s many benefits are a colony of dolphins living just off shore, tame tropical fish, an oceanfront view with plentiful opportunities for wild swimming, and a decking area ideal for sunbathing and barbecues.

The apartment will be avilable in the US from 30th August and the EU from 5th September. We will be holding a Dream Island Open House in both regions from 30th August – 12th September. Please stop by and see all the wonders the Dream Island has to offer. Also, look out for tours and events – you won’t be disappointed!

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20 comments on “Figment: From Fashion to Real Estate

  1. Lockwood keeps chalking up win after win by releasing spaces such as this. They get my money every time.

  2. I’m glad to see Lockwood is evolving instead of resting on its laurels – From what I see, the Dream Island is a must buy for the collector and those who are frugal and want only the best for their hard earned money. So who do I talk to about having Lockwood spin their magic and make a country cottage in the same manner as a Thomas Kinkade painting?

  3. Wow, the Dream Island is looking great! Definitely worth buying! I wonder if there are hidden rewards there, just like the Dream Yacht? :)

  4. Awesome i want the dream island for real..

    any info about the price how much it’s going to cost..?

    and like always a awesome job guys.

  5. Thanks again lockwood for making my Avis home life comfy fun and luxurious. You guys never let me down and are my favorite store on home!!

  6. ::hands over credit card::

    Just…just keep it. You’ve already melted the plastic off of it, Lockwood.


    • Quote – NorseGamer on August 29, 2012 at 10:18 pm said:

      ::hands over credit card::

      Just…just keep it. You’ve already melted the plastic off of it, Lockwood.



      ikr – Lockwood owns my soul … err, mostly most of it. My clothes, shoes, hairstyle, even my eyes are Lockwood. Here’s take my CC as well.

      But seriously, you guys develop some amazing content. Keep up the great work. :D

  7. yeah, i bought mine via x7 $7,99 thanks guys is now the most awesome personal space in home.

  8. hello dear Lockwood-Team, I purchased the wonderful Dream-Island yesterday and got some problems concerning the dolphins/sharks, I don’t know why, but they only show up behind the fire pit, so neither me or visitors can actually swim with them now. Hope you got a simple solution for this…


    • Hi Djay_Pee,

      The dolphins and sharks move around the island on a daily cycle, so one day they’ll be behind the fire pit, then another day they’ll be near the beach. If you visit your Dream Island on different days and keep an eye out for them, you’re bound to spot them elsewhere – good luck!

      Kind regards,

  9. It looks amazing, but I have one question. How can u get the male swimwear, I can’t find it in any store, do you have to buy the Dream Island to get the clothes and upper body? Please help.

    • Hi topspin13,

      No, but you can only purchase them at the exclusive gold commerce points found on the Dream Island – this can be done by visiting a friend’s Dream Island.

      Kind regards,

  10. :cry: I love my dream island, but recently I have lost all the sounds (waterfall, ocean etc) My other places work fine. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Was wondering if there are plans to have the sailboat accessible and even better, to be able to take out and sail! Would be a cool feature to be able to use it to travel to dream lounge, trophy fishing, maybe jet skis? Scuba? Sunken Treasure hunting? Just some thoughts to make the apartment even more appealing with these addons. Great job and keep them coming!