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Play Mercia: Fractured Realms for FREE today!

30th August 2012

Mercia: Fractured Realms is a beautifully detailed and expansive free-to-play fantasy RPG for PlayStation®Home. Making a number of technical leaps forward, Mercia: Fractured Realms offers you an experience unlike anything you’ll have come across on the platform before. It’s the closest PlayStation®Home has come to a full boxed product title running within its engine.

Offering a compelling, unique story and universe to explore, with beautifully realised environments and awesome combat with multiple character, weapon, magic and enemy types. Mercia: Fractured Realms is a truly immersive experience. Continue reading

Figment: From Fashion to Real Estate

29th August 2012

This week the team here at Lockwood celebrate the launch of a new personal space: the Dream Island.

Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise. Explore the beautiful natural surroundings, admire the innovative architecture and discover hidden wildlife. The full apartment will be available in three different value packs, with a selection of hidden rewards and an Exclusive Store updated with new designer clothing.

To discover more about the Dream Universe, we’d like to take a look back over the history of Figment and how the collection went from fashion to real estate over the past eighteen months… Continue reading

The Sunlit Meadow

20th August 2012

Make someone’s day with PlayStation®Home’s first Giftable apartment, the Sunlit Meadow, available from the Lockwood Gift Machine for 512 tokens.

Send a gift like no other, this beautiful outdoors environment is perfect for a relaxing picnic for two or a party in the woods. Let yourself go and the power of nature will make you feel alive! Find the golden butterfly to unlock a hidden reward.

Mercia: Fractured Realms – Coming Soon…

14th August 2012

Unique to PlayStation®Home, this free to play multiplayer RPG opens up the possibilities for huge worlds and a depth of narrative that have yet to be explored on the platform.

  • What type of warrior are you? Choose between Ranger, Fighter and Defender – customise you armour, weapons and spells to suit your play style.
  • Look forward to free to play multiplayer adventure with a detailed XP system, unlock new armour, weapons and rewards as you progress.
  • Explore the vast world and dungeons, fighting beasts, collecting items and completing quests. Discover the Guardians who will guide you on your journey.

Mercia: Fractured Realms, coming to PlayStation®Home soon!

Don’t forget to check out Mercia on Facebook and use the buttons below to share this post! Continue reading

VICKIE & Sodium Companions

13th August 2012

VICKIE has evolved from a simple user interface to a firm fan favourite and now it’s time for her to take that next step. VICKIE is breaking her programming and escaping the Sodium Hub and she needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation®Home. She has created thousands of replica units you can wear and using her multi-link neural net, she can experience all the sights, sounds and fun PlayStation®Home has to offer while her central processor remains safely running the show at the Sodium Hub. You’ve got to love modern technology!

Leaving the Sodium Hub, even in a virtual sense, is going to be quite nerve-wracking for VICKIE. The Sodium Hub is all she’s known for a very long time now. So, to add a little moral support, Sodium’s scientists have created a couple of plucky little robot companions to keep her company. Sijed the Cobra looks fierce enough to keep VICKIE safe and Bijel the Jerboa is so bouncy and friendly, he’s sure to keep her spirits up as she battles to comprehend a new data stream. Continue reading

Rare Species Pack – $1 of every purchase to charity!

7th August 2012

Lockwood have teamed up with The Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT), a UK based charity, to support them in protecting endangered animals across the globe. We’ll be donating $1 for every purchase of the Rare Species Pack directly to them – so dig deep, adopt these companions in PlayStation®Home and help REACT protect endangered animals.

Most people only see pandas, lions and penguins on TV. Some might get to see them at the zoo or wildlife park. A lucky few might get to see them in the wild while travelling, but opportunities like that don’t come along too often. However, by the magic of Lockwood and PlayStation®Home, you not only get to see all these amazing animals, but you can also have them follow you wherever you go as your constant companion.

Xiong Mao the Panda enjoys rolling happily on his back, Maliki the Lion is just like his rarer cousin Kiburi and likes to prowl and roar. Pirta the Penguin is a kooky little bird – she slides everywhere on her belly! Continue reading

LKWD Summer Clothing

6th August 2012

At Lockwood HQ there hasn’t really been much of a Summer yet. In fact, there was one, fateful monsoony day when everyone downed tools for a moment to watch the trees outside bent double by the howling rains and lashing winds! So a couple of the Summer items are a nod towards the British Summer – the men’s light jacket and the ladies’ jeggings will help you keep covered up if your Summer is less than ideal too.

If you’re lucky enough to see some sunshine this Summer, or if you’ll be spending it on your Dream Yacht to escape the bad weather, then there are some options for sun-seekers too. Crop tops, shorts and loose fitting vests will keep you cool while you work on that tan! Mix and match a variety of colour combinations to create your perfect Summer outfit. Gift Machine exclusive colours coming soon. Continue reading

Coming up in August…

3rd August 2012

  • Mix and match with this season’s must have separates! In stores from August 8th, with giftable variations later this month.
  • VICKIE is breaking her programming, escaping the Sodium Hub and she needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation®Home. Look forward to VICKIE full body suits and Sodium Companions!
  • New gifts every week – check back on August 15th and 22nd for some really special ones!
  • New items added to the Lockwood Exclusive Store – featured in the Dream Yacht and another unrevealed location…
  • TWO NEW personal spaces!

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