Lockwood Publishing

Cucumber Country Kitchen

30th July 2012

Mmmmm, the lovely warm smell of freshly baked bread, a pot of coffee keeping warm on the hot plate, the scent of foxgloves and honeysuckle drifting through the open window from the garden. All that’s missing is the quaint little oven and English country cottage furniture. Cucumber comes through once again with the Country Kitchen Set! Head to the Lockwood store to find everything you need to create your idyllic kitchen scene.

Versatile corner and cupboard units allow for a kitchen as snug or as grand as you please and kitsch knick-knacks like the kettle and the breadbin will make the perfect finishing touches. All items are created in Cucumber’s signature classic-meets-modern style. Continue reading

VICKIE: This is Your Artificial Life

25th July 2012

VICKIE is such a fixture in the Hub, it’s hard to imagine Sodium without her. She’s the friendly face who provides newbies with objectives and rewards. She has over three-thousand Facebook friends, inspired Valentine’s poems and cards, fan art and fan fiction – but where did she come from? How did she end up in the desert? And what happened to her leg? Continue reading

Dinosaur Companions

23rd July 2012


What was that? It sounded kinda like a dinosaur, but they’re extinct aren’t they? And… even if they weren’t extinct — you’ve seen them in movies — if there was one around, the ground would be shaking. You’d be able to hear it stomping along even if it was still streets away.

Something just brushed past at ankle height! This is getting freaky… oh, wait! It’s only Lockwood’s new mini dinosaurs. Trey the Triceratops, Arnie the Brachiosaur and Rufus the Stegosaurus – available in PlayStation®Home! Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – The Characters

16th July 2012

You can’t rove around perilous Dungeons filled with all manner of vicious beasties in just your underwear! If you want to you enter the realms of Mercia you have to be garbed in the right duds and accoutrements to help you survive!

“But how do I do this?!” We hear you cry! By choosing the right ‘character class’ for your Home avatar of course – now read on! Continue reading

Diary of a Wedding Planner

16th July 2012

Day 1:
Wow… I just had a call from a young couple, Jacob and Isabel – they’re getting married in a little over three weeks and haven’t organised anything yet. They’re FREAKING OUT! I told them to start by taking a breath and leave everything to me.

Good thing it was over the phone – they couldn’t see how nervous I must have looked. Fortunately for them, I love a challenge! Continue reading

Lockwood Wedding Set – Coming Soon…

9th July 2012

The special day is fast approaching – look forward to the Lockwood Wedding Set next week! If it’s not your special day, then you’d better send a little something so they know you’re thinking of them. The Gift Machine has plenty of knick-knacks available from July 11th to make sure the happy couple can start furnishing their new apartment together after their fantastic wedding!

x7 members can take advantage of early access to the Lockwood Wedding Set this week!

Medusa Fantasy Hairstyles

9th July 2012

Over the past year, Medusa’s hair stylists have provided you with a style for every season. Now they’re branching out with a range of styles intended to help you fulfil your fantasies.

Always dreamed of being a high flier? Then you need the sleek, feminine Socialite, or the tough, business-like Power Broker. Maybe standing in front of hordes of screaming fans is more your thing? Charlotte and Sebastian know a thing or two about fame and their luscious locks are all part of the rock star look! Maybe you long to be an iconic actor like the Legend, or appear in a fantasy epic as the Elven Princess. Whatever you’ve dreamed of being or doing, Medusa has the look to help you get there. Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Environments

4th July 2012

The Mercian world is currently a collection of over forty areas, all linked together to create a large game environment that gives you a truly unique experience on the Home platform.

This game space environment is split into a series of rooms, which when combined, make up a Dungeon. Each room is like a small Home ‘space’, and we use pretty much the same workflow that you would expect for a space. First we create a block out and associated documents to describe how it would look, then design the space specifically so that it can be threaded together with additional Mercian spaces. Continue reading

PODI – High Definition Fireworks Display

2nd July 2012

Today, Lockwood unveils the latest in firework launching technology, with their Pyrotechnic Overhead Display Interface (PODI). From a short display, to an epic fireworks extravaganza, PODI has all you need to wow your guests with ease. Choose which fireworks to launch, how many and whether to offset them with fuses, all in PODI’s simple operating system. Or, if that sounds like too much work, give PODI a wave and he’ll cook something up for you and fire it away before you’ve had time to lower your waving hand! Continue reading

Drey Beach Businessman & Seaside Siren

2nd July 2012

Drey’s Beach Businessman takes his boardroom meetings to the dunes. His Beach Case ensures all important documents stay sand and sea free, while his jacket and shorts take ‘Office Casual’ to a whole new level! The ladies’ look is both dressy and desirable, with two choices of top depending on how much flesh she wants to flash! The Seaside Siren combines chic belted shorts with high strappy heels, not ideal for walking across the sand, but easily kicked off. A smart clutch in a contrasting colour completes this cool, carefree look. Both outfits are available in value packs including colour variations. Continue reading