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LKWD Limited Edition at 2012 SCEA E3® Booth

11th June 2012


Only Lockwood could bring a realistic Lion Companion into PlayStation®Home, and Kiburi the White Lion is our biggest companion yet! His more traditionally coloured cousin will be hitting the stores later this year too.

Get a preview of Sodium’s new Companions by picking up the Limited Edition gold versions, or be the proud owner of a SOLID GOLD Mechjet! This all new version of the famous Iron Fusion transformer is only available in store for one week, so get it while you can!

These items are available exclusively from the SCEA E3® Booth store or from the x7 store until 20th June 2012, look for the LKWD Limited Edition black and gold store tile. While you’re there check out the live event hosted by AlphaZone4 in the E3 space on Saturday 9th June for a Q&A session with Lockwood!

Also, visit the Lockwood Publishing Photobooth in the E3 space and take some pictures of yourself – not just for posterity of course – you’ll be rewarded handsomely with Booth Babe and Beefcake clothing for your troubles; and why not send the pictures to us: contact@lockwood-studios.com? We’ll post them on our Facebook page! If you’ve got any of the awesome LKWD Limited Edition items you’d probably look even better! ;)

5 comments on “LKWD Limited Edition at 2012 SCEA E3® Booth

  1. im looking good in the golden mechjet outfit YEAH!!! im also loving the companions a specially the LION.

    great and sweeeeeeet job guys..XD

  2. Great job so far, since I am a fan of RPGs I very excited, I look forward to things like this coming to Home! I do hope hope the way ones avatar walks will be improved! Thanks Lockwood team

  3. Today is Friday, June 22, PAYDAY, and I had allocated $50 to spend at Lockwood. To my surprise I found the GOLD Limited Edition items NO LONGER available, yet you have them on display at the E3 Booth and the companions on display in the arena showcase at the entrance into the Lockwood public space. WHY? So I can SEE what I NO LONGER can purchase. At the minimum, the deadline should have been extended until E3 has been removed from Home….EXTREMELY UPSET….FEELING CHEATED!!! I’m positive there are more people than myself that feel the same…. Should have posted availability date on E3 displays…..Home STORES have been down for the past few days, as well. YES, even on June 20th…..NOT HAPPY, VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!!

    • Hi Jen,

      We’re sorry that you allocated money specifically for the Limited Edition items and then missed the deadline – this is extremely unfortunate – but we can’t extend the deadline any further as it wouldn’t be fair to the people who have already purchased the items under the impression that they were not to be sold past June 20th.

      The Sodium companions on display in the Showcase Lobby aren’t the limited edition gold versions and will be available for purchase later this year, along with a more traditionally coloured lion companion!

      Kind regards,