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PODI – Coming Soon…

26th June 2012

Didn’t you always want a robot pal who could shoot fireworks from his butt? Okay, so you probably never thought about it, but it’s definitely cool!

Check out PODI in action in the special limited time Midnight Glade Public Space – open from 4th July 2012.

Mercian Diaries – The Guardians

19th June 2012

Those helpful fellows dotted around the Mercia demo aren’t just statues you know? They are important characters in the Mercia universe! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get to the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth while you can and pick up your FREE warrior starter pack!

The statues are actually the ‘Guardians’ of Mercia. As stated above, they are the single most important element featured in the game – they allow the many Realms of Mercia to exist by holding them together and acting as Gatekeepers from the ‘old world’ to the ‘new world’. Continue reading

Cucumber Custom Animation Beds

18th June 2012

Cucumber update their bedroom range with a selection of comfortable, colourful Active Object beds this week – animations included! Gone are the days of jogging endlessly around the mall with no respite, only to return to your apartment and perch on the edge of a hard chair. Cucumber Active Object beds allow you to lie down alongside a friend and daydream the stresses of the day away. Furnish your apartment with one now, lay back and relax.

Available at a reduced price for owners of the original Cucumber beds! Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Get Equipped!

13th June 2012

So you picked up your FREE Warrior Starter Pack at the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth, right? Well, the sword and shield are just the beginning. In Mercia: Fractured Realms you can play as one of three warrior archetypes, giving you access to an array of different weapons. Exciting, we know!

To further whet your appetite for the upcoming release of our PlayStation®Home exclusive RPG, we’re going to unveil some of the weapons that you can wield in the game and also explain a little about their development. Continue reading

LKWD Limited Edition at 2012 SCEA E3® Booth

11th June 2012

Only Lockwood could bring a realistic Lion Companion into PlayStation®Home, and Kiburi the White Lion is our biggest companion yet! His more traditionally coloured cousin will be hitting the stores later this year too.

Get a preview of Sodium’s new Companions by picking up the Limited Edition gold versions, or be the proud owner of a SOLID GOLD Mechjet! This all new version of the famous Iron Fusion transformer is only available in store for one week, so get it while you can!

These items are available exclusively from the SCEA E3® Booth store or from the x7 store until 20th June 2012, look for the LKWD Limited Edition black and gold store tile. While you’re there check out the live event hosted by AlphaZone4 in the E3 space on Saturday 9th June for a Q&A session with Lockwood!

Also, visit the Lockwood Publishing Photobooth in the E3 space and take some pictures of yourself – not just for posterity of course – you’ll be rewarded handsomely with Booth Babe and Beefcake clothing for your troubles; and why not send the pictures to us: contact@lockwood-studios.com? We’ll post them on our Facebook page! If you’ve got any of the awesome LKWD Limited Edition items you’d probably look even better! ;)

Mercia: Fractured Realms Demo

7th June 2012

Get your FREE Warrior Starter Pack when you play the Mercia: Fractured Realms Demo from 7th June in the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth!

Update: Mercia now has a Facebook page, so for the most up-to-date Mercian info, give us a LIKE!

Mercian Diaries – The Creatures

4th June 2012

In this exciting edition of Mercian Diaries we’re going to give you an insight into the creation of the creatures that will be featured in the first Realm. Head over to the 2012 SCEA E3® Booth on 7th June and experience some of the creatures first hand in the Mercia: Fractured Realms Demo!

We carefully considered how everything should look and relate to each other in the world as it was a key factor that the creatures appeared to belong to the same ecosystem. It’s important to think like this when you’re trying to define the fauna of a whole world, because it will be more believable if everything looks like it belongs in that environment, having evolved the way they have over a long period of time in order to better survive there. Continue reading