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Lockwood Publishing Showcase – Fantasy Update!

28th May 2012

As part of Lockwood’s epic Fantasy Update, the Showcase has had a Fool Throttle makeover! However, before Locky could complete work on the Showcase, Brinsop the Evil Dragon descended and started wreaking havoc! Locky managed to trap him behind bars, but Brinsop could escape at any moment and he’s already trying to raise a brood of evil dragon hatchlings to take over PlayStation®Home! Head to the Showcase and join the fight! Continue reading

Mercian Diaries – Defining the Art Style

28th May 2012

Our forthcoming fantasy RPG game, Mercia: Fractured Realms (a PlayStation®Home exclusive), has got the team here at Lockwood very excited! Scheduled for release in Summer 2012, we’ll be releasing Developer Diaries each week leading up to its launch to give you inside information.

First off we’d like to tell (and show!) you about the game’s art style and how decisions made in the early stages of development eventually determined the game’s final look.

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Delirious Squid Accessories

21st May 2012

Delirious Squid stretches its tentacles once more with a range of bright tees and quirky accessories. Who wouldn’t want to look as if they have a bear trying to swallow their head? Boring people, that’s who! Crazy-cute pretty much sums up the theme of the ladies’ tees, hats and peeptoe shoes. The guys’ range is more rugged, but includes some familiar freaky faces. MC Squid and Squiddy Bones have draped themselves all over each item. Go backpacking in Delirious Squid world — these bags and boots are all you need!

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home May 23rd. Continue reading

Drey Kaleidoscope Colours & Smart Artists

16th May 2012

Allow Drey to paint you a picture. It starts with an impression of a figure, they look a little like you, but indistinct, lost in the landscape. As bold strokes of colour are added, the lines of a jacket, or maybe the rolled up sleeves of a sweater, the picture takes shape. A fine brush picks out the finishing details, a bag or a clutch, earrings or a smouldering hairstyle. The picture is complete and it’s you, only better.

The Kaleidoscope Colour collection from Drey combines bright, fun colours with comfortable, tailored designs. Ladies can stand up and be counted in the gravity defying Ultra Wedge Heels and the Dewdrop Earrings can add a splash of colour to any outfit. The men’s Smart Artist collection draws on a slightly more muted pallet, but throws in statement pieces such as the distinctive Bowling Shoes and suave hairstyle The Expressionist.

Drey. Be your own masterpiece. Continue reading

A Style for Every Season – The Inside Story

11th May 2012

A good hairstyle can make you confident and outgoing, a bad one can make you don a paper bag with eyeholes. Hair can imply professionalism, a sense of fun, wildness of spirit or a lack of concern for public opinion. Hair says so much about you, and yet, until Medusa came along in August 2011, hairstyles were often lost amongst the mass of brightly coloured clothes and shoes that filled the store.

Medusa puts hair first, and to celebrate four seasons of hair perfection we’ve asked Medusa’s three key stylists Bex, Jen and Phil to share their thoughts on getting that salon perfect look. Continue reading

Medusa Spring Hairstyles

8th May 2012

Time for a change? Medusa has everything you need for an image overhaul.

For some celebrity cool, there’s the short and spiky David or it’s female counterpart the Victoria, a side-parted, short, sweeping style. To stamp yourself with some urban chic, there’s the manly Lightning Bolt cut or the softer Boho Babe for the ladies — a simple bob given that extra kick with a few carefully placed plaits. Show your sensitive side with the Toby, a face-framing emo look, or become a glamorous siren with the Mermaid, a long fishtail plait.

All styles are available in value packs from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home. Continue reading