Lockwood Publishing

The Bombshell and the Playwright

23rd April 2012

This week, Lockwood brings to you two sophisticated yet scintillatingly glamorous outfits to clad yourself in. You don’t need to be a celebrity to look amazing, after all! But, you CAN be a celebrity if you look amazing!

Timeless design with the beautiful Bombshell dress, watch jaws drop as you strut by in this sensual yet sophisticated attire. Complete the look with the value pack including voluptuous hair and glitzy heels! The playwright is a sucker for a pretty face, look the part and he might create a dreamy role for you in the next blockbuster film. Gentlemen, wear the playwright suit to attract the eye of a beautiful lady, and let’s hope your social skills are as suave as your garb in case she comes your way!

Why are you still reading? Get to the Lockwood Store and pick up your new outfit right now!

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home April 25th. Continue reading

Safari Companions!

17th April 2012

Very few Safaris give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants, hippos and gorillas in one trip, but that’s exactly what a trip to the Lockwood store can do for you today!

Tembo returns and this time he’s brought some friends along. Kubwa is an impressively huge gorilla. He’ll pound his chest and the ground to show his dominance, and when he thinks no-one’s watching, he has some rather unsavoury habits… Kiboko is an unbelievably cute baby hippo who sometimes gets tired out playing all day. He’ll follow you around as much as his little legs can carry him, but when he gets too tired, he’ll plop down on the floor and yawn! Open up your home and your heart to some exotic wildlife!

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home April 18th. Continue reading

Sodium2 Legendary Racers

16th April 2012

Two racers have returned to Project Velocity, forgotten heroes of this high octane sport, intending to regain notoriety once more. Already it’s happening – these Legendary Racers are gaining a following of keen young sportsmen and women eager to follow in their death defying footsteps, by racing and dressing just like them.

Only the finest racers can expect to don the Legendary Pilot outfit though. The Legendary Racers don’t let just anyone copy their style. If you want to dress like a winner, you have to BE a winner. Reach level 40 to unlock the complete Legendary Pilot Outfit. Continue reading

Creating The Legend – The Inside Story

13th April 2012

Back in December 2009 the SodiumOne Pilot Outfit arrived in Home, granting full access to the Salt Shooter game – pilot the Hovertank and take on waves on enemies, as you progress you unlock new jackets to display your rank.

When creating characters for such a well established genre, there is a lot of reference that you can draw inspiration from. Since the design of the SodiumOne pilot, and with the introduction of Project Velocity, technological enhancements have streamlined the clothing for Sodium’s extreme sports.

We asked Character Artists, Adam and Andrew, for more details about the production and inspiration behind the Project Velocity Pilot and the new Legendary Pilot. Continue reading

Drey Prop Pack

12th April 2012

NOTE: This video may not be 100% serious… It’s the culmination of outtakes from our Drey – Number One and Pop Princess video, plus Joe, our video editor, lacking sleep. After much debate, however, we decided to keep it as an “alternate” version to showcase Drey’s Prop Pack; the bits of it you can see in between shots of the horse that is! So please bear this in mind when viewing and don’t be alarmed by the abundance of horse :)

Drey don’t just create incredible clothing, they create stars! Know how it feels to be a high fashion model with the Drey Prop Pack, as used by Lockwood in their Drey fashion campaigns.

Create dark, masculine scenes with the vintage leather sofa and cushion, or dreamy feminine vignettes using the swing bench and the frilled parasol. Or combine all the items at your disposal to create somewhere completely unique for your avatar to preen and pose.

There’s even a horse. Continue reading

Delirious Squid Skate Stars

2nd April 2012

Delirious Squid has been away for a while, but this week marks its triumphant return! More laidback looks for budding skate stars and streetwise squidsters.

All the delirious ladies will love the Delilah dress and backpack, which comes in Black or Violet. It’s accompanied by cute ankle boots and a hairstyle with super-bright braids – not for wallflowers! Guys can get straight to skating in the comfortable shorts and hooded shirt combo offered up by the tentacled delight! There are also some leather hi-tops and fitted caps to complete the look. Both outfits are available in two colours which can be purchased in bundles.

Show your love for the Squid – don some Delirious! Continue reading