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Mercia – Coming Summer 2012…

29th March 2012

Enter the fractured realms of Mercia, Home’s first multiplayer RPG. Take up your sword and embark on a journey through a fantastical world where adventure lies around every corner. With a high-fantasy narrative and gameplay elements that recount the most popular action RPGs of all time, Mercia offers players an enchanting online game experience across wondrous lands where heroes are born and magic reigns supreme.

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Figment Smart Casual Range

26th March 2012

As the sun becomes a more frequent visitor, guys need to leave their ties behind and ladies need a shorter hemline to keep cool. But the sartorially sensitive may be reluctant to wear t-shirts and shorts to their soirees. Figment steps in to provide the solution to this dilemma with the smart casual range. The men’s suit comes with an open-necked shirt and comfortable buckled shoes. The ladies’ outfit combines killer heels and a fitted dress with a long, loose hairstyle.

Dream Yacht owners will be glad to see the perks of Yacht ownership as some exclusive colour variations make an appearance in their Exclusive Commerce Point.

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home March 28th. Continue reading

Lockwood Fashion – The Inside Story

20th March 2012

Lockwood is always looking to cater to as many facets of the PlayStation®Home community as possible. For the fashionistas this comes in the form of not only the ShowOff photo competitions, but also the high fashion collection, Drey, and luxury clothing line, Figment.

We asked Bex, creator of LKWD’s Fairytale and Unique collection, Jen, a regular contributor to the Drey line, plus fashion consultant Lexie, to discuss their inspiration, influences and the challenges surrounding creating virtual fashions: Continue reading

Drey Number One & Pop Princess Clothing

16th March 2012

Drey dabble in celebrity-casual cool this week. Ladies’ wrap over tops come in Peacock Blue, Electric Crimson or Silver Granite — eye-catching colours to ensure plentiful paparazzi attention! Gents’ polo shirts come in understated Ash Grey, informal Blue Stripe or flamboyant Salmon.

Accessories are BIG this week — from the ladies’ bottomless Oversized Handbag, to the men’s substantial Boston Bag and chunky Thick Frame Sunglasses, leave delicate purses and wireframe specs at home this week and make a statement!

Drey also continue their partnership with Medusa as the salon’s stylists create a new hairstyle to accompany the Pop Princess collection. Ask for the Beauty and you’ll get an elegant side swept ponytail — the perfect day-to-night ‘do!

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home March 21st. Continue reading

Enkomi the Minotaur

12th March 2012

You may think you know the Minotaur’s story, but you do not. The one who called himself a hero was really a betrayer. Strong and intelligent, Enkomi unlocked the secrets of his labyrinth prison and made his escape. Rising above his mistreatment, he has harnessed the beast utilising its bullish strength as and when he chooses.

Become Enkomi the Minotaur and unleash the power of the bull! Demonstrate Enkomi’s awesome strength by pounding the ground.

A new age of Fool Throttle is dawning.

Enkomi is available in the PlayStation®Home Store for $2.99 / €2.99 / £2.39 from 14th March.

High Detail Characters – The Inside Story

9th March 2012

Characters are obviously a key component in most games, with the cover of every big release often displaying either the hero or villain. The rise of MMO character customisation meant that player choice started to play a more dominant role in games. If you want full control over how you are portrayed, PlayStation®Home empowers you to be who you want to be. Continue reading

Fool Throttle Coming Soon…

7th March 2012

A new age of Fool Throttle is dawning… Coming to PlayStation®Home 14th March 2012.

Want to win Enkomi the Minotaur on release day? Follow @Lockwood_Ltd on Twitter and ReTweet the competition herecompetition now closed – congratulations to the winners: @lepeldoos, @dyeknom, @toffeekat, @gamer_316 and @OneManNexus!

Drey Retro & Bonita Clothing

6th March 2012

Drey usher in the Spring with some fresh new looks. The Bonita range is European, chic and figure-hugging for ladies who can rock a strong outfit. Bright colours and vegetable prints are a nod to what’s hot on the world’s fashion runways. Trusted staples like platform heels and a simple ponytail keep the outfits from looking overworked.

Male Drey fans can evoke sixties America in the sleek Retro leather jacket and chinos. Complete the look with a slick hairstyle and two-tone shades. Ultimate Bundles with colours to suit all tastes are available in store now!