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ShowOff: First Date Photo Competition

7th February 2012



> First place WINS unrevealed Iron Fusion content one week before it hits the Playstation®Home Store!

> Five Runners-Up Win a Picnic Pack, the perfect setting for date number two!

> Your first submission will enter you into a FREE PRIZE DRAW!

> One chance to win the Lockwood Team Choice Award!


How to Enter:

Visit competitions.lockwoodpublishing.com or select the ShowOff banner in the Gift Machine.

Submit entries by 15th February 5pm GMT. The shortlist chosen by the Lockwood Design Team will be announced on 17th February, when the public vote will start, and winners will be announced on 21st February. 

What would you do on your First Date in PlayStation®Home?

A cosy shot of you and a loved one on a romantic night out, a suitably decorated apartment that would be the setting for your perfect date, or choosing the perfect outfit to meet your suitor – there are so many possibilities! Maybe your picture will feature a double date? That’s fine too, but remember, only the user sending the image is eligible to win – other users in group shots will have to enter too if they want to be in with a chance! Multiple entries are allowed.

A casual milkshake shared in Dolly’s Diner, or drifting under the stars on the Figment yacht – entries can be taken in any space, just make sure it’s appropriate to the type of date you want to convey and think about the nitty-gritty things like composition, lighting and style to really give yourself the edge.

5 comments on “ShowOff: First Date Photo Competition

  1. The countdown clock on the contest was totally wrong/misleading. It said I still had 5 hours to submit my entry. I’d ask you to consider opening the content for a little while longer in fairness.

  2. i took the pictures on home and tried to upload via ps3 browser but it kept saying error is there any way i can transfer the pics wirelessly from ps3 to pc?

    • Hi Ravinem,

      Unfortunately entry for this month’s ShowOff competition has ended :( – but don’t worry because we’re doing one each month! Just stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/oD9WCv) for the updates. If you’d like to hear all the latest minute-by-minute updates from Lockwood then follow us on Twitter too (http://bit.ly/wHiR2d)!

      I think the easiest way to transfer the pictures from your PS3 to you PC would be using a memory stick.

      – Lockwood Dev Team

  3. I am dissappointed in lockwood i submitted 7 pics and you mean to tell me my pics didnt make it lockwood said first date these people are proposing on bended knee there clothes i cant believe this im so heart broken what were the designers thinking they lied they said the lightning the clothes the first date i worked hard i submitted 7 pics different ones on top of that this is the second time in one week lockwood has false adveretised no more lying

    • Hi,

      We had over 2,500 entries to this competition and lots of them met the criteria but didn’t make the final 6 – unfortunately not everyone can win! Also, it’s worth noting that this was a first date in ‘PlayStation®Home’, not a first date ever, so proposals are quite acceptable! :)

      – Lockwood Dev Team