Lockwood Publishing

Fairytale and Unique Clothing

31st January 2012

With Lockwood’s many collections and ranges, it’s easy to forget that sometimes they make items that are simply LKWD. These two latest outfits are just that – simple, wearable separates that can be worn in a variety of ways and with plenty of items from the LKWD catalogue to create the perfect stylish ensemble.

For a dreamy, exotic look, there’s the Fairytale outfit – combining a long silk dress with a sultry plaited hairstyle. If you want to standout from the crowd, opt for the Unique clothing pack, with a distinctive corset dress teamed by a choice of long or short boots and a tousled up do.

Valentine’s Update – Coming Soon…

31st January 2012

Look forward to the Lockwood Valentine’s Update throughout February and WIN prizes in the ShowOff Competition. This time it’s a romantic theme, so get ready for your ‘First Date’ and let Lockwood know about it – more details coming soon!

The Showcase has a Spring time facelift with 6 new hidden rewards and 5 new Valentine’s themed gifts cropping up in the Gift Machine, along with some old favourites!

Cucumber Bedroom Furniture

24th January 2012

Cucumber isn’t just about eye-popping colours (although there’s still some of that in their latest collection!), they also have a strong desire to create useable sets that will help you set the scene in your apartment. The Dolly’s Diner scene was of a bustling 1950s diner, and by contrast this latest bedroom range is more subtle, but still allows for the creation of a complete and unified look.

Whether the look you’re aiming to achieve is one of contemporary chic, or peaceful comfort that expresses your personality, Cucumber has the furniture for you. Large double beds in a variety of colours with matching drawers and lamps are available in store now!

Double Beds from Cucumber – Coming Soon…

18th January 2012

Cucumber’s latest line of contemporary furniture hits the stores next week, with some stylish bedroom furniture sets. Find the perfect one for your home from the selection of chic and funky colour schemes.

Pegasus and Unicorn Stitchkins

17th January 2012

Starshine and Aurora are big-eyed unicorns who stamp their little hooves to get your attention. If you wouldn’t be seen dead with a pink pony, then maybe Nimbus and Storm are more your style. Longer limbed Pegasus, these winged miniature horses never give up trying to fly, even if their stubby little wings aren’t big enough to lift them. Whichever you choose, their antics are sure to brighten up your day!

NEW Stitchkins – Coming Soon…

11th January 2012

Don’t worry, they’re not all pink!

Everyone loves cute ponies, right? If you say no, you’re clearly kidding yourself. The latest herd of Stitchkins come cantering into PlayStation®Home next week!

Who should win ShowOff: New Year Party?

A shortlist of the best entries has been selected by Lockwood’s design team, now it’s your turn to vote at Facebook/LockwoodPublishing. The winner gets every item Lockwood is releasing in January 2012 – that’s a total of 43 items! Voting closes on 12th January. For your chance to win look out for the next ShowOff coming soon!

Distinctive. Dynamic. Drey.

11th January 2012

Men about town no longer have to worry about the weather, as Drey provides smart suits complete with designer umbrellas. The ladies have a distinctive new outfit, too, pairing a structured miniskirt with simple top, adding flair with a dramatic lace fan. Unleash your inner diva with Drey.

50% Off Lockwood Bundle Packs!

3rd January 2012

Visit the store now for special offers on 20 Lockwood bundle packs. Pick up a fan pack to support your favourite Stitchkin – each pack includes a men’s and women’s fan t-shirt, wall art and a companion. Here comes the rain, so make sure you’re home dry with a spring showers pack, including boots, jacket and hat. Things are going to get messy with paintball packs from Double Time, each pack includes both a clean and a splattered set of clothing. Get a full set of piratical attire, including a loyal companion with Fool Throttle’s pirate clothing packs. Get 50% off all this content from the 5th to the 31st January!

Big Reductions on Popular Sodium Items

We’re also reducing prices on a selection of our most popular Sodium items. Take advantage of an explosive 30% off the SodiumOne Pilot Pack, giving full access to all levels of SodiumOne Salt Shooter. Kit yourself out for success in Sodium2, with the Sodium2 starter pack, also at 30% off. We’re reducing prices on both Blaster’s Paradise and the Silicon Lounge Party and Ultimate Packs. Finally you’ll find over 1/3 off the Sodium Desert Nights Clothing range. Savings are available from the 5th to the 31st January!