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Figment – Dream Yacht and Clothing

22nd December 2011

Forget snow and ice, mittens and scarves, and being able to see your breath. Board Figment’s Dream Yacht and get away from all that. Spend your holidays basking in the sun on the yacht’s deck, or soothing your cares away in one of the two on-board hot tubs. The perfect place for entertaining, the Dream Yacht has several lounge areas and exquisite views of your own private tropical hideaway.

The yacht comes with some beautiful furnishings already in place, but if you spend some time exploring every nook and cranny you may find more things to add that special finishing touch.

You have to do the opulent surroundings justice and dress to impress, fortunately the Yacht has just the thing. Swimsuits, shorts and casual shirts, plus stunning formalwear, all designed with yacht parties in mind. Access a special commerce point containing items exclusive to Yacht owners, for elegant fashions that will assure you’re styled head and shoulders above those landlubbers!

Start living the dream with Figment.
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ShowOff: New Year Party Competition!

20th December 2011

Calling all show offs! It’s time to show off your party-throwing panache!

If you’ve never taken part in Lockwood’s exciting competition for PlayStation®Home users, now’s your chance. Each ShowOff competition has a theme, the rest is up to you. Be as creative and artistic as you can in interpreting the theme. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Multiple entries are allowed.

A shortlist of the best entries will be selected by Lockwood’s design team and the winner will then be selected by a popular vote.

Ring in the New Year with a fashion-conscious ShowOff party! Our judges will be looking for the best party atmosphere – whether that atmosphere is created through set dressing, exemplary fashion sense, cramming as many friends as possible into your apartment, or a heady mix of all three – it’s up to you! As long as you’re dressed to impress and having fun with friends, you’re in with a shout of winning. Only the user sending the image is eligible to win – other users in group shots will have to enter too if they want to win!

Entries can be taken in any space, just make sure it’s appropriate to your party’s theme and think about the nitty-gritty things like composition, lighting and style to really give yourself the edge.

Submit entries to contact@lockwoodpublishing.com with the subject line: “Lockwood ShowOff Competition”.

Images should be sent as attachments in .jpg format and smaller than 500 KB.

The email should include your Name, PSN ID and PSN Region.

Once the submission phase is complete the shortlisted finalists will be announced on our Facebook page.
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Your PlayStation Home’s 3rd Birthday!

15th December 2011

Lockwood will be helping Your PlayStation Home celebrate their 3rd birthday on the 14th December. It’s also a great opportunity for us to celebrate 3 years of producing content for PlayStation®Home. We’ve hand-picked some of our favourite items to give away to 1,095 lucky fans in the EU and US.

Your mission is to hunt through www.lockwoodpublishing.com and www.yourplaystationhome.com to find two halves of a code for your region, one from each site. They’ll be in this format: ‘[US]xxxx-xx’ and ‘[US]xx-xxxx’ for the US and ‘[EU]xxxx-xx’ and ‘[EU]xx-xxxx’ for the EU. Put the halves together to form a complete code (‘xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’) and redeem it in the PlayStation Store. It’s that easy!

So, let’s join together in wishing Your PlayStation Home many happy returns. We’ll sure they’ll bring you lots more great Home articles and news in the years to come.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Drey Beach & Cinematic Clothing

15th December 2011

Drey’s followers know how to always be ahead of the game, and in this case, they’re dodging the winter chill by jetting off to sunnier climes. Outfits for both male and female avatars provide sophisticated styling for those balmy winter holidays, taking inspiration from a European film-festival vibe.

For men, the look is playful – a quirky trilby with a feather in its band teamed with shorts and a polo shirt. The ladies have a more classical look this time around, with wide-brimmed sunhats and sweetheart corsets.

Be the star of your movie. Drey.

Midnight Glade and Fireworks

15th December 2011

New Year, birthday or just a general celebration? Have the ultimate fireworks party without bothering the neighbours in the Midnight Glade personal space from Lockwood. The open grassy fields with their gently sloping hills and spreading oak tree may seem idyllic, but just wait until you unleash a pyrotechnic display on that dark sky! The Midnight Glade offers plenty of space for dancing and watching pretty lights explode across the heavens, while the campfire area provides the ideal spot for chatting and barbecuing. Get 8 people in the Glade at once to get the Supernova Firework reward.

Never set up a fireworks display before? No problem, it couldn’t be easier with the Zeus and Comet rockets from Lockwood. Just choose your favourite colours and then position the firework launcher. Watch out for the helpful diagrams and timing details on the back of the launchers which will make setting up the perfect display a piece of cake!

The Glade even comes with 16 picture frame slots and has its own special Gift Machine, so you can thank your guests for coming by sending them a gift or two (and they can return the favour!). Also, as an extra bonus, if you throw a party with more than 8 people, you and your guests will receive a huge firework reward. So what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and have a fireworks party this New Year!

Medusa Winter Hairstyles

8th December 2011

Midwinter Angel or Burning Desire?  This Winter Medusa brings you the latest hairstyles, perfect for relaxing on a frosty afternoon or heading out to a glitzy evening party.

Men have the choice of a new short, mid-length, or long look. The Troy is a side-parted, clean-cut look with just enough tousling to ensure it won’t look out of place with smart or casual attire. For those with angelic tendencies, there’s the wavy mid-length Gabriel, and for those who want a more casual look, The Tropical Dreamer is a long dreadlocked style.

Ladies can opt for up, down, or somewhere in-between! Up is The Burning Desire, an exquisitely complex do incorporating pinned waves and plaits, while down is The Eve, with gloriously long waves. The Midwinter Angel offers the best of both worlds, with pinned back sides and long loose locks.

If you’re not sure which look to go for, the Medusa’s Winter Hairstyles Packs are available for both Male and Female, mix it up for each party!

Festive Stitchkins

8th December 2011

Granny Lockwood’s been hard at work again, and this time she’s taken her inspiration from the chilly extremes of the planet, the North and South Poles! Pumpkin Pie the Polar Bear and Popsicle the Penguin can’t wait to play with you. They both love to do tricks – be patient and they’re sure to show you what they can do.

Pumpkin Pie can balance on his front paws and Popsicle loves to twirl a candy cane. Granny Lockwood also knitted them some cousins just for the Gift Machine – look out for them – they’re only available for a limited time!

Winter Showcase Update

1st December 2011

Snow has fallen in the Lockwood Publishing Showcase, transforming it into a magical winter scene. Dance with Timmy the Gingerbread Man, marvel at the new festive Stitchkins and get a sneak peak at what Figment and Iron Fusion have in store for the future! As if that’s not enough, there’s a fantastic winter spa area where you can have a hot tub party with your friends, and a new batch of limited time rewards.

The latest additions to the Stitchkin family are Popsicle the Penguin and Pudding the Polar Bear. They may soon be inviting some cousins to stay for a short while – you’ll need to keep an eye on the Gift Machine so you don’t miss their arrival…

Figment have moved on to new heights – check out what they’ve got on the horizon in one of the display rooms. Elegant new formalwear and much more is on the cards. Another amazing preview from Iron Fusion gives a taste of the technology of the future. Watch the Bot Builders at work and see if you can guess what they’re welding!

As you explore the new displays, pay attention to what Locky says – he’ll give hints and clues on how to achieve the rewards. Some of them may help, some may just confuse, but one way or another, they will eventually lead you to the rewards, just be sure to keep checking back in order to obtain everything.

Drey Athletic & Vintage Clothing

1st December 2011

Drey isn’t just a clothing range, it’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking. Drey is about being one step ahead of the crowd. While everyone else is shivering in the wintry weather, Drey aficionados are finding innovative ways to keep warm.

The Athletic Minimal outfit for men encourages keeping fit while staying fashionable. Loose fitting shirts and three-quarter length trousers mean you’re on trend while you’re on the way to the gym, and the large leather sports bag ensures you’re never without somewhere to stash all those sweaty workout clothes.

The ladies’ Vintage Glamour set means she’ll be so busy rushing from soiree to premiere, that she won’t have time to be cold! Soft romantic lines, beautiful lacy accessories and a sophisticated hairstyle combine to create the perfect look for multiple special occasions.

Xmas Gifts

1st December 2011

Some old favourites return to the Gift Machine today – a couple of festive parcels, a miniature Christmas tree and a snow globe – all ideal stocking fillers for your friends!

Why not spread some festive cheer as you wait for the whole host of new gifts that are coming soon?