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American Football – Lockwood Lions

24th November 2011

Milton the Lion wants nothing more than for everyone to support his favourite football team. He’s a cheerful, energetic little fellow and would love for you to join him in his sporting endeavours. Head down to the Lockwood Store today to pick up some Lockwood Lions uniforms from Double Time.

Become the star quarterback and lead the Lions to victory with the Lockwood Lions Football Uniform! Or get the crowd onside by shaking those pompoms in a Lions Cheerleader’s outfit. It’s a great way to burn off that Thanksgiving dinner, or warm up in the chilly winter weather.

After all that exercise, you’ll probably want to head back to your apartment and relax – why not take Milton with you? He’s fun to be around and he’ll gladly follow you wherever you go!

Drey Collection Launch

17th November 2011

Inspired by New York, London, Paris and Milan runways, Lockwood would like to present Drey – the exclusive high fashion collection only in Playstation®Home. It’s time to celebrate in style – say hello to the new you!

What is Drey?

It’s about living life without limits – a life of social events and being the person who lights up the room when you enter. Drey deals in the fascinating, incredible, shocking and amazing. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how it makes you feel… a million dollars.

What you wear in the real world is an extension of your character. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone through their clothing choices. In the virtual world this goes even deeper because the impossible is now possible. You are free to be literally whoever you want to be. You aren’t limited in the same way as real life, so how you put yourself forward in a digital world shows more of your spirit than you think.

Drey will introduce real life trends and real life fashion for both men and women into Playstation®Home. Drey’s flawlessly crafted items are guaranteed to boost your masculine charm or flatter your feminine allure.

Keep a look out for Drey’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

Fool Throttle Retronauts

17th November 2011

The zap of a ray gun, the crackle of a communication headset, the strange hum of a glowing alien crystal… Fool Throttle has been a little bit quiet for a while, but now they’re ready to make some noise!

The Retronauts are a bunch of stylish space travellers who wear only the finest vintage space suits. They’re all about accessorising, so even their space helmets and their ray guns are in colours that compliment their outfits. And what’s the point in travelling if you don’t bring back a few souvenirs to show off in your apartment? The Retronauts have lugged some attractive crystal formations back from the far corners of the galaxy – they make great ornaments!

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