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Halloween Showcase

31st October 2011

Visit the Lockwood Publishing Showcase this Halloween for a chance to get six limited time rewards, you’ll have to visit on different days if you want to get them all!  It’s been adorned with all things spooky, invite your friends to the perfect set for dressing up and taking some seasonal snaps! Did they forget their costume? Head over to the Gift Machine for 10 creepy themed gifts. Make sure you’re prepared too, you can view the fantastic Retronaut and Shadows costumes in the Showcase before you buy!

ShowOff: Spookathon Competition!

27th October 2011

Calling all show offs! It’s time to exhibit your finery!

Lockwood’s back for round three of ShowOff, do you have what it takes to win this competition for PlayStation®Home users? Each ShowOff competition will have a theme, the rest is up to you. Be as creative and artistic as you can in interpreting the theme. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Halloween is fast approaching and this ShowOff is seriously spooky – creepy costumes, eerie outfits, or a bit of Gothic chic, as long as it suits the season, the choice is yours!

Entries must be taken in the Lockwood Publishing Showcase Space while the Halloween display is in place. Only the user sending the image is eligible to win – it’s fine to include your friends in your shots, but they’ll have to enter too if they want to win!

Lockwood Judges will look for a whole range of qualities in the shortlisted entries, so to be in with the best chance of winning, review our judging criteria:

  • Dress Sense
  • Shot Composition
  • Setting the Scene
  • Innovation

Submit all entries by 3rd November 2011 for your chance to win! Prizes include Delirious Squid Clothing Bundles with a Companion, Lockwood Tokens to treat your friends using the Gift Machine, and a Delirious Squid t-shirt!

Entries should be sent to contact@lockwoodpublishing.com with the subject line “Lockwood ShowOff Competition – Spookathon!”

Gift Machine

27th October 2011

Let friends know they need to give their apartment a spruce up – send them some rubber gloves from the Lockwood Gift Machine. Or, if they’re a great entertainer, the globe refreshment stand is the gift for them!

Double Time Shadows Baseball

20th October 2011

When the Lockwood Legends got back to their changing room after a hard day’s practice, they found a note waiting for them on the bench, written in spidery handwriting. It said only: Meet us at the diamond tonight. Prepare to lose.

Turns out there’s a new baseball team in town, the Cemetery Shadows. They’re here to win and they don’t mind if that means playing dirty. Want to take a walk on the dark side? Then head to Double Time for a Cemetery Shadows uniform and get ready to Thumbs Down the opposition!

Iron Fusion Mechjets

20th October 2011

There’s an extra special Gift Machine update this week too. Some dark and dangerous Mechjets have made an appearance in the Machine. Epic and Glory have all the same awesome special moves as their store-bought counterparts, but these Mechs can be sent to your friends!

Halloween Gifts

13th October 2011

You’ll need to be careful when approaching the Lockwood Gift Machine today, because it’s packed to the console with creepy Halloween themed gifts. Help your friends furnish their apartment for a Halloween party with an icky gunge fountain, or Colin, a coffin-bound skeleton who makes for a great spooky prop. Or send them some eerie Trick or Treating clothing – a Grim Reaper’s cowl with glowing eyes or a sinister Medieval doctor’s mask will do the job nicely. If they’re more the stay at home type, why not send them a cute companion – Casper the Stitchkin Monkey glows in the dark and kittens Midnight and Cornelius are just too cute for words! Short on tokens and still want to enter into the spirit of things? Don’t worry – there are a couple of Halloween wands available absolutely free!

Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom

6th October 2011

The leaves are turning red, the air is getting chill, and Halloween approaches. To make sure you can all celebrate Samhain in style, the Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom makes a return to the store, along with some regal accessories to help unlock all the Cauldron’s spoils.

If you’ve never played the Cauldron, or only ever tried out a friends here’s another limited time opportunity to grab this seasonal mini-game. Donning the Guardian Circlet or the Sorceress Tiara will not only look stylish, you’ll also be entitled to extra unique rewards from the Cauldron’s bubbling depths!

There’s an extra special Gift Machine update this week too, with Double Time’s Paintball Range expanding into giftable versions. Look at the new Double Time tab in the machine to see what to send your friends!

Salt Shooter – Public Game Space

6th October 2011

Calling all SodiumOne fans! This week Lockwood unveils an exciting update – the Salt Shooter Public Game Space. This new version of tank action classic comes with a selection of exclusive SodiumOne game rewards, a new interactive gallery of enemy units and connections to Sodium2. Collect all SodiumOne rewards by entering the new space and completing the 5 demo levels of SodiumOne. Make it to the end and bag yourself your own personal SodiumOne MkII Hover Tank!
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