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Double Time Airsoft

29th September 2011

Okay soldier, this is the final push. Keep your head down, stay sharp and be ready. Now MOVE OUT! What do you mean you didn’t sign up for this?! Okay, so maybe you didn’t. That’s the joy of the Airsoft range from Double Time –you can develop your discipline and strategy with none of the danger of genuine warfare!

Ready for some woodland manoeuvres? Choose the Digital Camo range – clothing, gun and mask with this hi-tech colouring to ensure the enemy won’t be able to pick out your outline as you’re lurking in the bushes, ready to deal out their doom! More at home amongst the dunes? With the Desert Combat Pack, they won’t see you hiding in the sand until it’s too late.

Lockwood Publishing Showcase – Now Open

29th September 2011

The Publishing Showcase opens its doors to the public. All your favourite Lockwood lines are on display and there’s a beautifully furnished Cucumber lounge area to hang out in. There’s a range of rewards to unlock, some easy to achieve, some requiring a bit of lateral thinking. Work together, help each other out and make sure to call back regularly to ensure you unlock them all. Check it out today!

Lockwood Publishing Showcase – Coming Soon…

22nd September 2011

The Lockwood Publishing Showcase is scheduled to open next week! Visit Caramel in the Plaza for a limited time Lockwood Emote reward and don’t forget to head over to the Showcase Lobby to pick up your FREE shopping bag in preparation for opening night.

Retro Fitness

22nd September 2011

Got an eighties training montage to complete but lack the suitable attire? Not anymore! Slip into the Retro Fitness shorts and bodywarmer and pound those stairs. Made it to the top? Well what are you waiting for guys? Get back down there! Rock hard abs don’t make themselves.

Ladies, why not don a cute vest top, a funky visor and some sweatbands and throw some shapes on the dancefloor. Don’t remember the eighties? You don’t need to! Just shake it like you mean it and you’ll have the time of your life.

Iron Fusion Solar Fusiliers

15th September 2011

Your galaxy needs you!

A few weeks ago, a bold Abyss Trooper unit was mapping an uncharted sector of space on behalf of Astra Corps. Several days into their mission, their communications with Astra Corps HQ ceased. No distress calls were placed, so Astra Corps remain hopeful that their team have merely strayed into a communications black spot.

The last unit sent to this particular sector also lost communication for several days, before returning to base ahead of schedule unharmed yet disoriented and with little memory of their experiences. Astra Corps are not ruling out the possibility of extra terrestrial intervention and have therefore embarked upon a major recruitment drive.

Their hardy ground troops, the Solar Fusiliers are looking to swell their ranks by a few thousand. If you think you have the skill and diplomacy to talk your way out of a tight corner, as well as the strength and determination to dig deep on a tough mission, then Astra Corps needs you! Get to Iron Fusion, get your Solar Fusilier Uniform and get in line!

Fool Throttle Uniforms

12th September 2011

Fool Throttle is back with a vengeance!

After the sedate adventures of the Bunny Baron, Lockwood are bouncing back with something a little more high octane in the form of a fantasy dress-up twist to two well-known uniforms.

With a wicked cut and sassy style you won’t find our police woman and naval officer reporting for duty in any unit or fleet. The word on Home is they went rogue, playing by their own rules. So you would think these no-nonsense ladies would keep a low profile and conform to the norm.

Low profile? Ha! Officer Offbeat and Admiral Admired intend to become world fashion icons who are worshipped as goddesses. Think you have what it takes to pull off this look? The gauntlet is thrown!

Admiral Admired and Officer Offbeat outfits are available as value packs for those who accept the challenge.

Also this week, become one of a strictly limited number of players to gain early entry to upcoming high-energy racer Sodium2 – exclusive to PlayStation Home.

Visit the commerce point in the new and improved Sodium Hub and, for a limited time, claim your free beta access teleportal. This will give you access to the adrenaline fuelled world of the Sodium2 beta via the teleportal entrance in the Sodium Hub. Don’t miss your chance to become one of the privileged few – test pilot a Sodium2 Velocity Racer today.

If you’re still reading you may already have missed out.

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Medusa Autumn Hairstyles

8th September 2011

Medusa’s stylists always have their fingers on the fashion pulse and after a few weeks carefully honing their scissor skills, they’re now ready to present their latest looks to the world!

Guys, if there’s a punk inside of you, just waiting to get out, but you’re worried a full-fledged Mohawk would ruin your good looks, ask for the Neo Punk – an edgy style with a modern twist. More traditional fellows should opt for the Thomas, a mid-length, smooth style for the sophisticated gent.

Female patrons also have the choice of an edgier or softer look. Girls with attitude should go for the Biker Maiden – this long look even includes a bandana with a skull or a floral pattern. Girly girls can ask their stylist for The Lizzie, cute bunches with a choice of ribbon colours. Can’t decide on your ribbons or bandana? The ladies styles come in a value pack so you don’t have to choose!

Head down to the salon and let the stylists work their magic.

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