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Double Time Paintball

25th August 2011

Double Time are back and this time, things are going to get messy. Lockwood’s leading sports brand have produced everything you’ll need for a day’s paintballing.

Before you embark on a paint-firing mission, you’d better make sure you have everything on Double Time’s checklist:

  1. Paintball Shoes – When the ground is slick with splattered paint, you need shoes with grip.
  2. Paintball Gun and Gloves – Only to defend yourself, naturally.
  3. Paintball Body Armour – When those paintballs are zinging at you at 200 miles per hour, they HURT! Double Time’s lightweight body armour will ensure you get through your game with minimum bruising.
  4. Paintball Trousers – You don’t want to use your designer jeans for this!
  5. Paintball Mask – Because a paintball in the eye is not something any avatar should have to experience.

Got all that? Okay, then you’re good to go! . . . What do you mean you don’t want to get it dirty? <sigh> Oh well, Double Time have thought of that too, you pristine little creature, you – slip into the non-splattered version if you want the look without the mess. Value packs are available containing both a clean and a splattered set of clothing.


18th August 2011

Have you heard the latest? The hottest place to party these days is Dolly’s Diner. Dolly’s throwing Lindyhops and Bopps every weekend now! What do you mean you don’t have anything to wear? Lockwood’s just launched a whole range of rockabilly party wear so you can dance the night away 1950s style!

Guys can either adopt the classic greaser look with a cool leather jacket and a slick pompadour or opt for a preppier look in understated 50s inspired shirts and trousers. The girls have the choice of a sassy day look with tie-up blouses and cropped pants, or a breezy evening dress and sweeping over the shoulder hairstyle. Although, of course, no-one at the store’s going to stop you buying both!

Get to the store, get your hair done and then call up all your diner-owning friends for an amazing retro party! You’ll be rocking and rolling in no time.

Double Time Baseball

11th August 2011

Baron von Eggenschtealer tried to sabotage the Gift Machine, chomping on wires and shoving his sticky paws where they shouldn’t be, but Lockwood kicked that crazy cottontail out of the workshop and brought the Gift Machine back even better! Not only are there some handy new features such as wishlists and the friend filter, there’s a whole host of great new stuff to send too! Tasteful ornaments, beautiful bonsai trees and some very elegant footwear are just a few of the new goodies added into the machine’s gifting mechanism. There are even some free gifts in there for a limited time as a little thank you for your patience.

New larger token packs are also available to make sending gifts even easier. The larger token pack you buy, the greater discount you’ll get on your tokens. Once you’ve sent cool new stuff to all your friends, why not check out some baseball action?

Nine against nine. The crack of leather on the bat, the intake of breath amongst the crowd as the ball sails through the air and the fielder races to meet it. Will the runner steal the base, or will their luck run out?

The Lockwood Legends are a baseball team at the peak of their career. Incredible batting averages, fantastically loyal supporters and a uniform that turns heads as often as their superb play, makes them a team that’s built to last.

Now you can join in with the atmospheric thrill of the game by picking up the latest range of sportswear from Double Time. Complete baseball uniforms as worn by the Legends themselves! Hit a home run sporting a natty baseball cap or throw a strike with the ball and glove.

Passionate about sports? Double Time is the new collection from Lockwood bringing you the latest in athletic apparel. Show your support for the Legends – get suited up today!

Medusa Summer Hairstyles

4th August 2011

Whether you’re a Sweet Lolita relaxing in the park or a foxy punk getting ready for the ultimate festival – this Summer Medusa brings you the latest styles perfect for relaxing or partying on those long sunny days.

For the girls we have sister styles ‘The Cassie’ and ‘The Leopardess’ (one plain, one with spots, can you guess which?) or there’s the long wavy ‘Sweet Lolita’ finished off with a tiny bow. If you want to keep that hair up and out of the way on a hot day, Medusa stylists have created two funky up dos– cute pigtails and sassy double buns.

Medusa also caters for Men, choose from several fashionable styles – two dishevelled, windswept looks, a low ponytail and an edgy shaved cut. You get the shorts, sunglasses and prep that BBQ, then kick back and let Medusa handle the hard bit, setting you up with the perfect hairstyle for a chilled out stud.

If you’re not sure which look to go for, check out Medusa’s Summer Hairstyles Packs, available for Male and Female, get yourself ready for a trendy Summer!

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