Lockwood Publishing

Fool Throttle Sailor Outfits

28th July 2011

Sailing in from distant climes are Fool Throttle newcomers Sailor Saintly and Cadet Cadence. Saintly is just that – a good-hearted gentleman whose behaviour is as pristine as his glowing white naval uniform. Cadence is a little ditsy and she’s more interested in fashion than fathoms, but her heart’s in the right place! Both uniforms are available as value packs.
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Iron Fusion Mechjets

28th July 2011

Soaring across the skies are Iron Fusion’s latest incredible creations – the Mechjets! These Mk2 Mechs are fully transformable and are capable of becoming fully operational jets to zoom around at high speed. Male Mechjets Acer, Flourish and Vandal can suspend themselves in shimmering force fields, perform incredible sonic leaps and employ their jet engines to hover above the ground while retaining their Mech form. Female Mechjets Nema, Quartz and Plasmaya also have force field generating capabilities, along with a ninja battle program and the ability to create and levitate a light orb.


21st July 2011

Have fun in the sunshine with these hot lifeguard uniforms. Everyone loves a lifeguard and they’ll be watching you in awe when you blow on your whistle then sprint off down the beach with a rescue float under your arm. They don’t need to know that you’re not actually running anywhere…

Male lifeguards can look laid back paddling in the ocean in long shorts, vest and backwards cap. Female guards manage to pull off professional and pretty in one fell swoop with their high ponytail held in place with a visor, shorts and a matching jacket over their bikini.

Full male and female uniforms are available in value packs. Get out there and make waves, people!

Delirious Squid – Collection Launch

14th July 2011

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Delirious Squid. Populated by gangsta rappin’ squids, bears in dresses and pretty little girls with tentacly faces, Delirious Squid is the latest clothing collection from Lockwood.

Inspired by the alternative music scene, Delirious Squid is a brand for those who’d rather stand out than blend in, those who value comfort and quirkiness over couture and formality. Clothes for future celebrities, budding skate superstars and underdogs who’ll have their day are what Delirious Squid specialises in. Hoodies with unique graphics, ripped jeans and understated accessories are where they shine.

Also crawling out of Delirious Squid’s trapdoor of delights are four new companions. Bunsen and Spike are two hard-rockin’ lizards who get their kicks head banging to loud music, swishing their tails to smashing guitars. Al Cabone and Mr Ska Bones are more mellow fellows, shambling around with a spring in their skeletal step.

A few items are EXCLUSIVE to bundle packs. These are:

  • Spike the Lizard ONLY AVAILABLE IN the Delirious Squid Spikeorama Pack
  • Bunsen the Lizard ONLY AVAILABLE IN the Delirious Squid Bunsen Pack
  • Mr Ska Bones the Skeleton ONLY AVAILABLE IN the Delirious Squid Ska Bones Pack
  • and Al Cabone the Skeleton ONLY AVAILABLE IN the Delirious Squid Al Cabone Pack

Iron Fusion Abyss Troopers

7th July 2011

Impressed by the technology demonstrated in Iron Fusion’s recreational mech suits, intergalactic military organisation Astra Corps commissioned them to produce armour for their soldiers. The first batch of uniforms, specifically designed for Abyss Trooper units, ships today.

Other Astra Corps units have already taken to calling the Abyss Troopers ‘Honey Ants’ because of the honey-gold colouring on the uniforms, and the unit’s role in forming an ‘Ant Trail’ for other soldiers to follow.

Abyss Troopers are tasked with exploratory and reconnaissance missions. Expected to go to dark, unchartered corners of the galaxy, they’re required to prepare the way for the more heavily militarised, less manoeuvrable units. Close-fitting, flexible armour ensures they can move quickly when encountering unexpected danger. To guard against getting lost in the blackness during these missions into the unknown, their helmets are fitted with emergency phase lighting and state of the art scanning technology. Their gloves incorporate a communication device to ensure no trooper gets left behind.