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Cucumber Dolly’s Diner

30th June 2011

The 1950s are given a Cucumber make-over in this latest batch of furniture from Lockwood. If you’re looking to create an apple pie perfect slice of Americana in your apartment, then this is the furniture for you.

The Dolly’s Diner range consists of bright red leather seating and counters finished off with striking chequerboard  kickboards. The table’s just the right size to fit a few friends around for an afternoon snack. And if they ask for food that isn’t on the menu, well, it’s your diner! You’d better stock up on goodies to keep your patrons happy!

Woollen Wonders

30th June 2011

Knitwear used to be the province of elderly ladies and cheesy nineties fashion campaigns. You know, the ones in black and white with people checking their watches on windswept beaches wearing cream cable-knit cardigans. Those days are gone. Lockwood brings the humble sheep’s fleece bang up to date with their Woollen Wonders range.

Chic hooded dresses paired up with funky patterned leg warmers over comfy boots, or smart wool trousers complemented by debonair shawl neck jumpers. Buy a Woollen Wonders value pack to get the look at a reduced price. If you’re still cautious about going Full Wool, there are some accessories to add just a hint of sheepish charm to your ensemble. Long gloves, fluffy ear muffs or a tousled up do for the ladies, and striped socks or sheepskin mittens and hat for the gents.

Wrap yourself in fleecy goodness!

Fool Throttle Pirates

23rd June 2011

Ahoy me hearties! Yo ho ho and a dead man’s chest! Or something.

Lockwood’s Fool Throttle brand takes to the high seas this week with some piratical pomp for you to enjoy. Four of the scurviest seadogs ever to walk the plank arrive in Playstation®Home and their garb is not for the lily livered!

Corsair Cordial and Captain Capricious are the sort of pirates who’ll kiss your hand as they help themselves to the silver in your pockets. Their hats are large and impressive, their clothing is woven from exquisite fabrics and finished with brass buttons and their boots are made from the finest leather. They can mingle with the aristocracy unnoticed. When they aren’t crossing swords with them, that is.

Buccaneer Bubbly and Shipmate Shindig are the other kind of pirate. More at home sloshing grog around as they bellow sea shanties than rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, these two may not be the sharpest cutlasses in the armoury, but they’re the most fun. They dress as they live – practical and functional with a splash of colour and daring.

And what’s a pirate without a loyal companion? Someone who won’t complain about getting short-changed during looting raids, or being made to do the night shift in the crow’s nest again. Someone whose thoughts won’t turn mutinous after six months of ships rations and swabbing the poopdeck. That’s where Barnacle and Picaroon come in. A tough old crab happy to give lazy crew members a hefty nip and a wily little helper monkey who’s pretty handy with a sword too.

Head down to the store and pick up some pirate booty today! Also available as value packs.

Stitchkins – Collection Launch

9th June 2011

Lockwood Publishing is back with a vengeance this week with a Sodium and Stitchkin one-two punch.

Ahead of the release of Sodium2 Lockwood are extending their range of popular Track Wear with the Data Runner and Circuitry Outfits. Once again setting the curve for futuristic industrial street style.

The velvet glove to Sodium’s iron fist sees Lockwood indulging their softer side with the release of the Stitchkin range of companions. After the huge success of the Lockwood kittens there’s been a push to get even cuter. So Grandma Lockwood’s been knitting this week and the results are just magical.

So check out this collection of crocheted cuties. These knitted Bulldogs, St Bernards, Bunnies and Monkeys now all have little woolly lives of their own! Mischievous and cute, the Stitchkins have escaped the knitting basket to roam about in Playstation®Home and into the snuggliest part of your heart!

If all that wasn’t enough, these friendly little creatures have inspired Lockwood’s designers and artists to create a set of clothing and wall art as well.

Sweeter than a sweet shop, you’ll find a range of long-sleeved layered tees are available for you to wear around Home. Each and every Stitchkin has a top and a piece of amazing wall art so you can show your love for these cuddly companions.

Pick up a value pack to create a woolly wonderland in your apartment. All Stitchkin tops are available in male and female variations.
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