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Cucumber J’Adore Outdoor

31st March 2011

Okay, so it’s not exactly bikini weather just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! J’Adore Outdoor Garden Furniture is durable, fashionable and functional, so set up the patio table, fire up the barbecue and invite all your friends round for some tasty flame-grilled snacks. Too sophisticated for burgers and bangers? Then the rustic iron chiminea is for you. Just have the fire extinguisher on standby . . .

Oriental – Smart Casual Clothing

24th March 2011

Lockwood’s designers have taken their influences from China and the East for their latest formalwear collections. Exquisite embroidery gives a lush exotic touch to the men’s smart Chinese jacket and for women the silk Cheongsam dress is complemented by a decorative fan. If you like your clothes smart, fashionable and versatile, you’ll be glad to know the full outfits are available in value packs.

Iron Fusion – Collection Launch

17th March 2011

Many months ago, a maverick group of Lockwood engineers donned their welding masks and locked themselves in an underground bunker with a highly classified blueprint. At last, their creations are ready to be unleashed on the world. Available in three dynamic designs, Lockwood’s Mech Suits will help you move in ways boring old tops and trousers never could. Can your jeans boost you into backflips? Thought not.

If robotic gymnastics aren’t your thing, there’s a range of fashionable shades, available in a variety of colours. For the ladies, there are oversized sunglasses with flattering large oval frames, for the guys, some sleek racer shades. And because we know how much you all love mixing and matching, all colours come in two variations – standard eye-protecting sunglasses and très chic head-perching fashion accessories! There are also value packs containing all the designs – bargain!

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Cucumber – Collection Launch

17th March 2011

Creating an apartment that reflects your personality is always a difficult task. This week’s range of furniture from Lockwood has some items that should reflect the bold, the modern and the more traditional tastes. The Bayonne sofas and armchairs come in eyepopping brights and versatile dark shades. For a little bit of French elegance, there are Chaise Longues available in a wacky cow print, or a sunny shade of yellow.