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Lockwood Content Update 30 July

28th July 2014

This week we bring you an abundance of new content! Who else is excited!?

Fairytale Mermaids

Make a splash with Lockwood’s new Fairytale Mermaid outfit. The good news is you don’t have to switch your legs for an inconvenient fish tail. This slinky swimwear takes the mermaid staples of shell motifs and conch crowns and runs with it! Choose between luscious land lubber legs and a flowing floor-length skirt to create the illusion of a tail without any of the drawbacks!


Iron Fusion Flow Motion

Iron Fusion is back with a bang with the Flow Motion Animation Pack. You’ll be dodging bullets and defying gravity in no time with these futuristic moves.


Anime J-Metal

Lockwood are also expanding their Anime range with a selection of hard-edged J-Metal clothes. There’s the spikes and leather you’d expect from Western metal, but that familiar look is given an Eastern twist with futuristic cuts and flashes of bright colour.


 Cucumber Zest

Summer time is here, and with it brings the need for some fruity furniture surprises! Keep chilled this summer with this new Zest set from Cucumber.  To keep in the mood of high summer we have some lemony love to freshen your surroundings up, with a bright yellow citrus twang. Try our rousing Raspberry design set for a vividly pink, cheery, sophisticated and perhaps an even sexy look. Famously calming and peaceful, our blissful Blueberry set will cool you off after hot day.


Double Time Yoga – A Sneak Preview of Next Week’s Content!

Deep-rinse and harmonize your body and mind with this week’s Double Time Yoga Clothing Pack. For those days when you’re feeling a lack in energy or enthusiasm, why not invest in some vibrant Yoga gear to help brighten up your workout? Mix & match our colourful tops for a perfect fun workout look. Comfort and style can co-exist, we promise. In fact, here’s some proof.




Lockwood Content Update 23 July

21st July 2014


Romantic Gestures Interaction Pack

Will you… that’s to say would you… I mean… erm… please do me the honour of… buying our Romantic Gestures Interaction Pack. That way, even if you’re an Awkward Annie or a Self-Conscious Samuel, you’ll be able to propose to the object of your desire with the panache they deserve. There’s even the option to relax with them afterwards so you can recover from the heart-pounding terror of the split second where you thought they might say no. Silly Samuel.



Foalish Festivities

In previous years, UK music festivals have been something of a washout, so we’ve provided funky wellies to keep you dry. This year, the weather’s warmer, so the festival clothes from Foal keep you cooler. Ladies can channel Kate Moss and Sienna Miller with a cute fedora and sensible slouch boots, while guys unleash the rock star inside in retro sunglasses and bright plimsolls.


Swim Wear by Drey

If standing in a muddy field with hordes of sweaty music lovers isn’t your bag, Drey have some fresh, fashionable swimwear ideal for the sun lounger or the sea. The asymmetric swimsuit offers Bond girl beauty while the bikini provides a versatile combo that can be mixed and matched with daywear to suit your activity.



So I’d love to know which of this week’s updates is making you giddy the most!?




Lockwood Content Update For 15 July

15th July 2014


… Because a girl can never have too many pairs of leggings, we have even more designs for you to mix and match. We’re looking forward to seeing how you stylize them! Divine!



Lockwood Content for 16 July

15th July 2014

Hey! Hey! Hey!

How’s your summer? I’ve picked some awesome items to highlight this week. You know, it’s so hot and summery I think we need to show off the fruits of our labors. That means sleek styles and monster moves. But wait, that’s not all. For the more refined among us, there’s something more dapper and distinguished about this week too!

Jumpin’ and Pumpin’

Get the jump on the competition with the Delirious Squid Jumpstyle Dance Animation Pack. Next time you’re challenged to a street dance dance-off, you can bounce out those jumpstyle moves and blast away your opponents. Jump kicks, hardjumps, freestyle, you’ll be so light on your feet they’ll want to test your sneakers for helium!



Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Body to Body

To fulfil your inner shopaholic’s needs Lockwood’s other big ranges, Secrets and Figment, will help you turn heads without working up a sweat. Secrets has a selection of new form-fitting bodycon dresses that are on the scale from sleek to wowza!



Just Fancy!

Figment has a day at the races in mind with tailcoats for the gentlemen and A-Line dresses paired with statement hats for the ladies. Although if you want to add some goddess glamour to your race day outfit, no-one’s going to stop you partnering your fascinator with a figure-hugging Fortuna dress from Secrets!


Lockwood Content for 2 July

1st July 2014

It’s Kelly here, bringing some awwwwwesome treats from the people who bring you awesome treats every week!

State of Independence

Double the celebratory style for 4th July by throwing out those moves while wearing an I Heart USA tee, or even giving your hair some patriotic panache. There’s some empty calories to be had with an array of burger, hawt dawgs and soda to get that party off with a BANG!


We Are Detective

A while back Drey travelled back in time with their Noir collection. This week they’re staying in the present, but taking inspiration from a similarly sleuthy direction with their Modern Detective range. Crisp shirts and tailored dresses so the clients take you seriously and the mark doesn’t make you.


Say Hello!

Dance like no one’s watching… Wait, that’s not the point of this pack. You should be doing the Can Can like everyone is watching. Add to that a wondrous wave formation and you have this week’s amazing Animation Pack!


LKWD Content for June 25

23rd June 2014

Hey Peeps!

Kelly here. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at Lockwood HQ and the summer is a gift that just keeps giving.
This week we’ve got some corkers to tickle your fancy so let’s get started!

Everything AND The Kitschen Sink

I’m a HUGE kitchen fan: I’m always designing the perfect kitchen in my head and then trying to just wave a magic wand in my space. But you know what? Cucumber Spice have given me the dream.


Wipe That Grunge Off Your Face

And let’s not forget to add a dash of emo to this summer of style. I’m talking happening hair from Medusa. Check out these incredible dooooooooos!


And when u got the look, what’s left? Delirious Squid have given us some killa klobber to get us amped for the season. And now the sun’s up, it’s time to find a dark corner and have a lie down…..


And don’t forget whilst you’re wearing your new stuff, misery LOVES company!

Until next time.


LKWD Content for June 11

9th June 2014

Everyday I’m…


Summer is finally upon us! Days are longer, nights are shorter, and all you really want to do is have fun. And nothing says “summer” quite like a dance party. So this week, Lockwood is serving up some hot dance moves to add to your repertoire! To start, let’s revisit everyone’s favorite earworm of 2011, LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. Home may not have had the means to support animation packs back then, but it does now. Why not take advantage of the present and get your own party rock on?

GAP Party Dance Pack 2!


We’re thrilled to see how many people took part in our “You Got Served!” dance competition. You guys came up with some pretty creative setups! This week, we’re adding more variety to the mix with yet another GAP! How big a dance flash mob can you create?

Sodium Ravers!


Now let’s face it – there’s no way you can go out and show off all your hottest dance moves without some equally hot new dance clothes to go along with it. And really, it’s about time Home fashions got the Burning Man treatment. So we’re doing just that this week with wild colors and neo-tribal themes for both the guys and the gals. But don’t keep it to yourself – there are fashions in the Gift Machine to share with your friends, too! (Please note that we have fixed the “glitch” noticed by people who bought the female top in x7 last week and that fix will go live this Wednesday).

LKWD Content Update for June 4

2nd June 2014

Ajagara’s Peak


People like Home because unlike other games and virtual worlds, it is a place they can create and have as many immersive worlds as possible, all in one location. Seriously – where else can you have a beach party involving aliens, some robots, bacon, and Ninja Jesus all riding demon horses?

This week, Lockwood is giving you yet another world to immerse yourself in. Deep within the mystical peaks of the Himalayas, lies Ajagara’s Peak. There, you can study the ancient path of the Dragon Scouts and soar among the mountain tops astride your choice of dragons Tsen or Zugs. Or you can take dragon form yourself and be the master of all you see. There will even be a public gathering place, where you can swap stories of your heroic exploits.

Medusa Savanna


The Savanna look has been one of the most popular hairstyles from the salons at Medusa since its debut. This week, this hot hairstyle is getting a color boost in the form of vivid color streaks. Now you can match your shoes, your purse, or even your eye shadow! Or you can go two-tone with blue, magenta, or pink. There’s even an exclusive shade to be found in the Gift Machine.

Drey Stole


Now hair isn’t the only place where we’re offering more color choices this week. Our stylish Drey faux fur stole is also getting a color revamp, making it the perfect accessory to complete your ultimate Hollywood glamour look!


LKWD Content Update for May 28

27th May 2014

Siren by Medusa

Medusa_Hair_280514_1280x720 Ever since Home began, the calls for more hairstyles has not stopped, and we’ve been happy to provide the community with the variety they want! This week, the stylists at Medusa are glamming it up with Siren. Choose a long, sleek look or wavy and voluminous – there are even styles you can gift to your friends.  Big hair, don’t care!

Tricking Animation Pack

Tricking_Animation_Pack_280514_1280x720 Are you the kind of person who thinks gravity in a virtual world is just a myth? Or perhaps you just like to show off the latest and greatest moves? Then you’re the type who is going to love our Tricking Animation Pack. Flip, roll spin and perform physics-bending  tricks – all to entertain your friends. Add a little spice to your next party!

Silk Plunge Wrap Dresses by Figment

Silk_Plunge_Wrap_Dresses_280514_1280x720 After wowing Home with the Premier gowns, Figment’s designers have introduced even more stunning and glamorous looks! This week, we’re giving the classic plunge wrap dress a LKWD twist with new color. Get ready to wow the judges at your next fashion show. After all – who says style has to be monochromatic?

Coming Soon


All will be revealed in time. ;-)

A Chat with the Promo Team!

24th May 2014

It’s fun to create things – no, really, it is!

And it’s not just the items we create for Home or Avakin we’re talking about here. It’s a real blast to create the posters and videos you see us roll out every week. Ask anyone who has worked on a machinima project for Home and they will tell you the same thing. Why would we have avatars in our Critter Onesie outfits dancing in front of real life nature scenes? Because why not – it’s fun!

This is Adam and Jake, our dynamic duo of promotional material. They are responsible for churning out all the images and videos you see for our weekly releases. In other words, we look awesome because they are awesome.

Who are you?

Adam – Video Editor and 2D Artist @ Lockwood

Jake! I’m part of the promotions team at Lockwood

What do you spend most of your day doing?

Adam: Creating nice titles on After Effects, Taking Screenshots, Capturing footage, Sourcing Beautiful Music for videos and Getting excited about our new releases!

Jake: I mostly edit videos and create promotional assets (posters, billboards, website banners etc).

Which projects have you worked on that you were particularly proud of?

Adam: I have worked on roughly half of the Lockwood and Avakin releases since around July 2013. My highlight projects were Polar Rush, Serenity Lake, Whimsy Hollow and the Sodium Blimp. However, I’m most proud of the promotional videos for both Critter Onesies and Relaxed Poses Two.

Jake: The Prairie (I love Western themes!) and the Nightmare Yacht promotional materials, both were really fun to work on.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who wanted a job like yours, what would it be?

Adam: Practice every-day, video editing was my hobby before it became my work. If you have a true passion for what you do it makes every day rewarding.

Jake: Keep working on your portfolio! And always be on the lookout for new contacts who can give you a leg-up in the industry.

So – who feels like creating something this weekend?