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PlayStation Home Update for 4.23

23rd April 2014

Bohemian by foal.

I don’t know about where you live, but it seemed as if winter just did not know when to say goodbye this year. That’s the great thing about Home; you can pick a bright sunny place to be, even if it’s below zero and the snow is piling up outside. Here at Lockwood, we’re excited that things are looking more green and sunny once again. This has inspired our designers to come up with some fashions for the spring and summer months, and what line could be a better example of their fun, fresh new looks than Foal? The Bohemian look is all about relaxed knits and flowery prints. Perfect for a warm and sunny spring day.


Arctic Voyage – Now a Clubhouse!

But maybe you’re the type who isn’t ready to say so-long to the snow? Maybe you like the cold and ice and snow. Maybe you have a whole club of Home polar bears! We have just the clubhouse for you. Complete with furniture items you can unlock daily for you and your members, PLUS LKWD Life XP-earning functionality (boy, do you all love that, which makes us absolutely thrilled!), the vast Arctic Voyage Yacht is now available as a clubhouse.

Oh, and if you see him, could you please offer LKWD_Charlie a cup of hot cocoa or a coat, he looks positively chilled to the bone.



Who’s up for some world domination – or at the very least have a cunning plan? Alright, maybe you don’t necessarily have a plan yet, but don’t let that stop you! With our Dastardly Plan Animation Pack, unnerve your fellow Homesters and make them think you’re up to something – even if you aren’t. Do I have to mention that they’re exceptionally great for machinima?





And finally, you guys really like your kitsune masks! Now we’re offering more to choose from – so you can have a mask that’s perfect for every outfit!

Avakin: Jon Burgerman Collection Arrives!

8th April 2014


We’re seriously excited at Lockwood HQ this week for one very good reason: one of our favourite artists is bringing his work into the Avakin world!

Jon Burgerman is a UK born, NYC-based artist whose work oscillates somewhere between fine art, urban art and pop-culture. With an utterly unique and maniacal style, we know you guys are going to love his gear. Here’s what’s available in the store from today:


  • Jon Burgerman Rainbow Sneakers (Male) – 310 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Ice Sneakers (Make) – 310 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Ice Sneakers (Female) – 310 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Rainbow Sneakers (Female) – 310 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Tonal Sneakers (Male) – 360 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Sad Bomb Hoodie ( Male)  - 405 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Anton Hoodie (Male) – 405 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Sad Bomb Hoodie (Female)  - 405 Avacoins
  • Jon Burgerman Anton Hoodie (Female) – 405 Avacoins


We’ll be bringing you more collaborations and partnerships with designers, artists and publishers in the near future. Be sure to let us know what you think of Jon’s collection, and if you love his work check out his website at http://jonburgerman.com





LKWD Life Update 2 – Dream Island! Dream Hideaway! Dream Central!

26th March 2014


Hello everyone!

First things first: 

Everyone here at Lockwood wants me to pass on a message to say a huge thank you for the brilliant response you gave LKWD Life last week. Since launch, use LKWD Life has consistently increased, being played by more and more Home users every day. Your posts, tweets, comments, reviews, bug reports and general relentless excitement aren’t just helping us make LKWD Life better, they’re motivating the whole team to do more. Keep telling us what you think! We’re always listening.


One thing we did notice though – that Polar Bear Cub really caught you out last Sunday! The cute little critter eluded over 1000 of you, which makes us sad. See if you can help him to be less lonely this Sunday:





Right, enough of that. What’s new this week?



Dream Central is now LKWD Life enabled!



Huzzah! The problems that prevented Dream Central from joining last weeks release have been zapped, and the space will be updated today to include LKWD Life objectives and, super-importantly, a burned-in Redeeminator. This means you’ll be able to track your LKWD Life progress without giving your personal Redeeminator its own attic conversion with en-suite bathroom. Hurray!



Dream Island is now LKWD Life enabled!



Man, I love this place. Dream Island is now completely LKWD Life equipped and owners of this space will have even more daily XP to collect. You’ll find an array of land-based critters here, but don’t neglect to search the sea!



Dream Hideaway is now LKWD Life enabled!


Sometimes I feel like I should just move into Home. I’d have gorgeous appartments, great (if slightly random) friends and I’d never be left wanting for things to do. If I owned Dream Hideaway, I think I’d definitely spend most of my time moonbathing near the sound of waves.


That’s your lot this week! Good luck hunting down the objectives, be sure to share and care your tips and keep telling us what you think! I’ll be here if you need help, and don’t forget that you can reach the LKWD team on Twitter too.

Have fun!


OH! One last thing. If you own the Nightmare Yacht, there’s a rumour going about regarding a certain elusive reward and the 31st March. JUST SAYIN. <3

#LKWDLife Arrives Today! Here’s How to Get Started…

19th March 2014


Hey there PlayStation Home fans!

LKWD Life launches today, a new feature for Dream Universe spaces which will reward you for living your life in PlayStation Home.

LKWD Life revolves around the Redeeminator, which tracks your progress and rewards you for completing objectives and levelling up. To get a Redeeminator, you need to visit any LKWD Life enabled space. This week, those are:

  • Sunset Lounge
  • Dream Yacht
  • Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage

To track your XP and redeem rewards, you’ll need to place your Redeeminator in any of your personal spaces and interact with it.

In order to start earning XP and complete LKWD Life objectives, you’ll need to complete tasks within any LKWD Life enabled space. This week, you’ll need to visit a friends’ Dream Yacht, Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage or the Sunset Lounge to experience LKWD Life. Once there, you can earn XP and all available rewards even as a guest. If you don’t own a Dream Yacht, why not head over to the Official PlayStation Community forums, or get in touch with a member of the LKWD Community Team on PSN, to ask for a tour? All the details you need are below:

EU Forums: http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home/The-LKWD-Life-Thread/td-p/21035663
EU Community Manager: LKWD_Mike

US Forums: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home/The-LKWD-Life-Thread/td-p/43159800
US Community Manager: LKWD_Melissa

And don’t forget – you can always share your LKWD Life hints and tips over on Twitter, just use the #LKWDLife tag. We’ll retweet the best hints!

We hope you enjoy LKWD Life today, happy Gecko hunting!



PlayStation Home: Trophies are Here!

12th March 2014

PlayStation Home Trophies

It’s been a long time coming Home fans, but trophies are finally in PlayStation Home! Here’s a run down of the Gold, Silver and Bronze-ware available for you to collect:


  • (BRONZE) Welcome Home: Log into Home.
  • (BRONZE) A Place To Call My Own: Visit your harbour apartment
  • (BRONZE) Interior Designer: Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in your apartment.
  • (SILVER) Wherever I Lay My Hat: Own 3 purchased or rewarded apartments or clubs
  • (BRONZE) Fresh Threads: Own 15 purchased or rewarded clothing items
  • (SILVER) Brand New Toy: Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items
  • (SILVER) Nice Gadget: Own 15 purchased or rewarded furniture or active items
  • (BRONZE) A New You: Change each item of clothing individually on a male or female avatar.
  • (BRONZE) A Documentary: Take a photo on 10 different days
  • (BRONZE) Welcome Guest: Visit a friend’s apartment:
  • (BRONZE) Grand Explorer: Visit 20 unique spaces.
  • (GOLD) There’s No Place Like Home: Visit Home on 50 different days
  • (BRONZE) Born To Dance: Perform 5 of the default dances


We’ll be tweeting trophy hunting tips over on twitter using the #PSHomeTrophyTips tag, you should join in!

And don’t forget, you can grab a free Lockwood Gift Machine with starter tokens from the Lockwood store – perfect for getting on your way to the Interior Designer silver trophy.

Happy Hunting!


PlayStation Home: Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona!

11th March 2014

Hey there Homies! How goes your week 2 of March? Well? Excellent. Here’s some new stuff, just for you:

As another year of shamrock green celebrations rolls around, pick up some traditional Irish garb in store to reflect your (possibly non-existent) Irish heritage. Maybe a dubious Irish lineage isn’t for you, but you still want to be a part of the craic? Don’t worry, Foal has some vibrant new clothing in the Gift Machine. Wish your friends a Happy St Patrick’s day by sending them some lime green wedge heels or hi-tops – St Patrick’s Day done differently!

Foal returns to the fashion scene with the Prints and Patterns collection. Stand out from the crowd in hounds tooth, stripes or even watermelon print! Foal has graduated from college wear to cool casual outfits, so whether you’re chilling out at the park or rocking out in an epic gig, Foal will keep you looking fresh.



Avakin Starstyle is Here!

27th February 2014

Hello Avakins!

We’re really, really excited to announce a new addition to the Avakin family today: Avakin Starstyle.

Avakin Starstyle is your chance to show the Avakin community your style! Take your Avakin to the catwalk to strut your best runway routine. Use your animations, emotes and poses along with your finest outfit to impress the judges. Get votes from your fellow Avakin community members to win gems and top the Starstyle leaderboards!

Avakin Starstyle is available now for Android and PC, and is coming very soon to iOS devices. Try it here!

As always, we’re really keen to get your feedback on Starstyle. You can comment below to let us know what you think, or join us for more in-depth discussion in the forums.


Have fun!



PlayStation Home: Super Hero or Super Villain? You Decide!

17th February 2014

Once an elite computer analyst, this young man created the world’s first sentient computer virus. Somehow the virus discovered how to transmit itself to humans, or one human at least – its creator. Operating in symbiosis with its host, the pair now behave as one highly intelligent being capable of processing and recalling enormous amounts of information and utilising it to their advantage. That being is: Gigabyte.

Sisters, twins, rivals. Once professional gamblers, the Vixens recently discovered they are both undercover agents for the same covert government group. Can they trust each other? Will they? Red or Black, good or bad, let the cards fall as they may.

A joke in the mathematical community, this professor dedicated his life to an equation that would allow its user to accurately predict the behaviour of those he encountered. No-one believed he would ever find it, and yet now ‘Mr Isosceles’ seems to have an uncanny level of perception and foresight…

Step into the shoes of a superhero with a little help from Lockwood.

Avakin: Love is in the Air!

11th February 2014


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, to help you celebrate, we’ve sent a few tantalizing items into Avakin Life to help get you all in the mood for lurve!

Spend your coins on a wining and dining experience with the Romantic Dining Table, add a little love to your dreams with the Romantic Circle Bed or even spend those Gems on the Romantic Circle Couch.

But don’t forget to make your Avakin look the part; there’s new clothing items available in the store to grab for Avacoins and Gems that will impress even the toughest of hearts.

To celebrate Cupid’s arrival, we’ve also launched a competition over on Avakin.com in which you can win 10 Gems to spend in the Avakin Store!