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Lockwood Content Update 17 September

15th September 2014

Hey hey! Look what we’ve got for you this week!

No matter what era you’re in; don’t step onto the dance floor without your hair in perfect style. The new Medusa Sweethearts range has banished bad hair days to the retro past! Play it sweet with the Cassidy, make sure everyone knows your hair is large and in charge with the Crystal, or go classic with the Cordelia.


It’s time to dance – retro style! New Dance Craze GAPs and animation packs from Lockwood will ensure you and your friends are the talk of the town! Putting on a 1950s musical? Got you covered. Suddenly found yourself transported back in time to a 90s disco and need to fit in? No problem!Dance_Craze_GAP_170914_684x384


It’s the dystopian future. Tumbleweeds blow across the arid desert, and a lone bounty hunter surveys the surroundings. The harsh sun glints off of their Retro Future sunglasses, and their leather desert gear creaks as they shift their weight, scanning for their prey. If this sounds like you, then track down new Sodium Bounty Hunter outfits in the store and Gift Machine!Sodium_Bounty_Hunters_170914_684x384

While you’re searching out your prey, your hunt for the perfect pair of dungarees may be over! Foal has stepped up to the mark, with fashion-forward dungarees for guys and gals – and as it’s Foal you know the colours will be bright and the patterns will be bold!Foal_Dungarees_170914_684x384


Lockwood Content Update 10 September

8th September 2014

Bring out your flirtatious and sensual side with our new Thigh High Boots and Hotpants by Secrets. Your legs deserve to be beautiful as you attract eyes from every corner of the room. Daring and yet fashionable, you’ll be a real showstopper in these bad boys!ThighHighBoots_100914_684x384

Figment is back with some Designer Jumpsuits for an effortless, no fuss style. One piece outfits have been trending in recent times, so don’t miss out on the current fad! These outfits are not for those who merely want to blend in with the crowd; Figment Jumpsuits are eye-catchingly colourful and brazen!JumpSuit_100914_684x384

Take to the dance floor and shake your booty like a true Bollywood star! A Bollywood movie is not a Bollywood movie without a generous helping of song and dance, so you and your friends can get your groove on this week in a group dance session.BollywoodGAP_100914_684x384

Get your cheer on with these totally awesome group cheerleading moves. “L-O-C-K-W-O-O-D, GOOOOO LOCKWOOD!” Grab some friends and form a spontaneous cheer section!

Lockwood Content Update 3 September

2nd September 2014

Archaeologists have long known of a ‘lost’ stretch of land deep within the confines of a dense jungle, and this week an unsuspecting explorer and his team has accidently stumbled upon a deep ravine which is truly a wonder to behold. In the euphoria of their find, some members of the team even said they might have spotted some Triassic beasts, but perhaps they were just getting carried away, but who knows? Not wanting to risk life and limb by investigating these sightings, they found their way back to us here at Lockwood and have given us map co-ordinates of this long lost location.

If you’re not the adrenaline junkie type and you’re not warming up to the idea of risking your head just quite yet, why not try your hand at a recreational Stone Age mini game? You may even just unearth some primitive goodies with the Dinosaur Spotting pastime!PrehistoricCanyon_030914_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 3 September

1st September 2014

Ever wanted to attend a Cybergoth horse rave party? Me too!CyberGothHorse_030914_684x384

The Delirious Squid has been feeding the horses something strange and funky this week! Cybergoth Horses have been spotted cantering around Lockwood HQ, and these neon beasts are super hard to miss! If you switch on some industrial techno they’re prone to a spot of raving. Available in 4 colours, blue, yellow, red and green, we even have some new Cybergoth clothing to match, so you and your new friend can dance the night away in total visual sync.CyberGoth_030914_684x384

Skinny Jeans. We love ‘em, you love ‘em, and your legs love ‘em. So who wants more? We know we do! LKWD Distressed Skinny Jeans are coming to the store so get your pennies ready for some sweet street style gear!SkinnyJeans_030914_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 27 August

26th August 2014

Unleash your mind with mental domination. Control others and force them to do your bidding with our Mind Powers Interaction Packs by Iron Fusion. Ever wanted to control your friends or unsuspecting passer-by’s and make them to do strange things? Imagine their surprise when you make your friend hover in mid-air, throw them around or be attack them with mind bullets!   aa

If using mind tricks as ultimate submission appeals to you, then you should look the part. The Notakai file at Iron Fusion HQ is labelled “Classified” but the word is that this mysterious alien race is fierce, and are highly skilled warriors. Approach with caution!bb

The Foal Holiday collection brings you colourful, vibrant accessories and clothing for the self-assured, uncompromising woman of today. When the sun is shining and you’re on holiday it’s the perfect time to style up your look with some fine Foal attire, such as some stylish sunglasses that will make you look so fly. Summer is here to ensure you look hot in your threads this summer… just make sure you wear sun cream to avoid the lobster look! Soak up the sun and look fabulous! cc

Protect your keep, fight evil, and explore every dungeon… whatever your hero is doing you will want to be well protected. Ajagara Phoenix Guardians brings you suitable armour to defend yourself from any foe. You have proven yourself a fierce warrior and have been chosen to become a Phoenix Guardian, protecting the creatures and kingdom of Ajagara. This fine armour will serve you well whether you battle on the plains, mountain side, or in the skies.ee

… and how better to guard your treasures than by transforming into a mythical Ajagara Golem? These ancient stone creatures are said to be demons conjured by dark forces to do their bidding. Others say they were once trespassers, now forever cursed to roam the land in this beastly form…Your foes will flee with fright!dd

Lockwood Content Update 20 August

18th August 2014

We’re at the middle of the series, the heroes and heroines are embroiled in a dramatic, tense adventure, so obviously it’s time to…. Hit the beach!


Lockwood has got everything you need for a great Anime themed getaway! Put on your Anime Sailor Girl Bikini – perfect for if you can’t quite bear to leave your sailor school uniform behind while on vacation, and finish off the look with an Anime Heroine or Hero hairstyle from Medusa.


Snap some pictures of your wonderful vacation by grabbing a friend for Anime Photobooth Interaction Packs.


While you’re at the beach, money never sleeps. Chase down that elusive deal or nail that pitch in a Figment Power Suit. The designer cuts and flattering shapes will ensure you’re a stylish but imposing figure as you negotiate the business world. Ladies can style their suits to fit the situation with an option of skirts or trousers.FigmentPowersuits_200814_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 13 August – Dream Adventure

12th August 2014

It’s here.

Fort Bellamy has an intriguing past. Over the years it’s been a smuggler’s den, a naval outpost, even a temporary base of operations for a wealthy explorer seeking to map these uncharted seas. Now the ancient stone tower is enjoying a new lease of life as a holiday destination, offering lucky vacationers the chance to race and perform stunts on its range of watercraft.

If that’s whetted your appetite for more sea-faring activity, become the proud owner of the Dream Adventure, a small, manoeuvrable luxury yacht moored at the Fort’s jetty. The Adventure allows you to roam further afield chasing a pod of dolphins as they leap through the surf, or discovering a distant lighthouse that seems abandoned yet still glows with light, or alighting on untouched beaches to dig for buried treasure!

There are ancient artefacts to be found for those smart and dedicated enough to uncover the island’s secrets and piece together their parts. Return to the Fort with your yacht riding lower in the water, laden down with precious treasures. Live a life of adventure, the life of your dreams, with Figment.





Lockwood Content Update 13 August

11th August 2014

Drop Science – Crew Clothing

Need some identity for your club? This week Drop Science – Crew brings you some street garb in 5 different colours so you can represent your squad everywhere you go. Are you and your posse back in black? Or are you painting the town red?Drop_Science_Newnew_130814_684x384

Foal – Photo Craze Pose Pack

It starts with that perfect angle; a smartphone tilted at 45 degrees just above your eyeline is largely deemed the most flattering. Then a light source: the pleasing beam of a backlit window or a burst of flash reflected in a bathroom mirror. The posture is essential, the tilted smile that says you’re not taking it too seriously. A doe-eyed gaze and 
big wavy hair conveys natural beauty, as if you’ve just woken up and can’t help looking like this. An appealing look is indicated by sucked-in cheeks and puckered lips. Snap!

After all this you upload your picture to social media. Your screen is overflowing with amazing comments and heart-shaped emoticons. You are “liked” dozens of times over. You feel a quiver of – what, exactly? Satisfaction? Existential calm? Whatever it is, it’s addictive.!

This week you can join in the addiction with our Photo Craze Pose Pack by Foal, so we’ll stand to one side and let you take a selfie! And of course you’ll need your very own free LKWD Smartphone, so there’s no excuse of missing that perfect photo opp.

Secrets – Bandage Swimsuits

And why not snap some pics in our flash new Bandage swimwear from Secrets? We are setting the bar high this week with some exceptionally suave swimsuits. Exquisite! Head down to the beach, or relax by your pool this summer looking nothing other than sensational!SecretsSwimwear_130814_684x384Team LKWD Clothing

What better way to support your favourite developer than flouncing around in some Lockwood branded gear? The Lockwood Lion is getting his 5 minutes of fame this week with his very own hi-tops and hoodies. Hear him roar! He’s so fierce he’ll earn you a spot at the top of the fashion food chain! Join Team LKWD today!TeamLKWD_Clothing_130814_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 6 August

4th August 2014

Cybergoth Clothing – New Outfit Colours

How about some Cybergoth rock’n roll attitude, boys & girls? This week the Squid has mastered the colours as well as the moves, and has felt your fluorescent heartbeat, so now you can show your true self with our all new clothing colour range. Whether you’re dancing on the stage or in the crowd, all eyes will be on you.


Cybergoth GAPs

We have stepped into the Squid’s dark realm of rave, and it’s Deliriously Squidalicious… Our next update brings you two Group Animation Pack and new clothing colours! The Squid has let his tentacles down and is going wild, so join the party and jump in!Cybergoth_Industrial_Gap_060814_684x384

Double Time Yoga Clothing 

Deep-rinse and harmonize your body and mind with this week’s Double Time Yoga Clothing Pack. For those days when you’re feeling a lack in energy or enthusiasm, why not invest in some vibrant Yoga gear to help brighten up your workout? Mix & match our colourful tops for a perfect fun workout look. Comfort and style can co-exist, we promise.DT_Yoga_300714_684x384

Drey Halcyon Days

Drey is back once again with a brand spanking new Halcyon clothing range. With clean lines and contemporary colourways, we want to ensure you look as good as you feel, expressing your individual character. Drey believes in creating clothing that is both relevant and effortless for the modern free spirited city girl, and with a plethora of choices to mix and match you’ll never be short of a classic look that never goes out of style. Drey_Halcyon_Days_060814_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 30 July

28th July 2014

This week we bring you an abundance of new content! Who else is excited!?

Fairytale Mermaids

Make a splash with Lockwood’s new Fairytale Mermaid outfit. The good news is you don’t have to switch your legs for an inconvenient fish tail. This slinky swimwear takes the mermaid staples of shell motifs and conch crowns and runs with it! Choose between luscious land lubber legs and a flowing floor-length skirt to create the illusion of a tail without any of the drawbacks!


Iron Fusion Flow Motion

Iron Fusion is back with a bang with the Flow Motion Animation Pack. You’ll be dodging bullets and defying gravity in no time with these futuristic moves.


Anime J-Metal

Lockwood are also expanding their Anime range with a selection of hard-edged J-Metal clothes. There’s the spikes and leather you’d expect from Western metal, but that familiar look is given an Eastern twist with futuristic cuts and flashes of bright colour.


 Cucumber Zest

Summer time is here, and with it brings the need for some fruity furniture surprises! Keep chilled this summer with this new Zest set from Cucumber.  To keep in the mood of high summer we have some lemony love to freshen your surroundings up, with a bright yellow citrus twang. Try our rousing Raspberry design set for a vividly pink, cheery, sophisticated and perhaps an even sexy look. Famously calming and peaceful, our blissful Blueberry set will cool you off after hot day.


Double Time Yoga – A Sneak Preview of Next Week’s Content!

Deep-rinse and harmonize your body and mind with this week’s Double Time Yoga Clothing Pack. For those days when you’re feeling a lack in energy or enthusiasm, why not invest in some vibrant Yoga gear to help brighten up your workout? Mix & match our colourful tops for a perfect fun workout look. Comfort and style can co-exist, we promise. In fact, here’s some proof.