Lockwood Publishing

1st April 2015

It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to ‪Playstation Home.
We’ve always been impressed by the commitment and creativity of the Home community, and would like to thank you for all your support through the years.
We are porting much of our Home content onto Avakin Life. We listened to what the community felt was lacking or frustrating in Home and have tried to remove those problems in Avakin. In Avakin, you can tint your clothing, wear a hat and keep your current hairstyle, and gift any item that can be bought in the shop. We’re constantly improving the app and adding more features and items every week.

If you’re looking for a new virtual world right now, Avakin Life is the place for you.

We will be running a MEGA SALE on ‪‎Avakin Life to coincide with the closure of PS Home. The sale will run from the 27th March until the 10th April with over 100 items on sale at up to 80% off! This will include a few classic items and spaces from Playstation Home.
Wishing the Home community the best for the future


Going Out With A Bang – Lockwood Content Update 12 November

13th November 2014

It’s time to tear up the dance floor and take no prisoners. It’s time for Techtonik! Frequently paired with electro house, Techtonik moves make sure everyone knows who’s large and in charge.

The Delirious Squid took a trip over to Europe, where it noticed the Techtonik craze sweeping across the land. After taking residence in a French underground club, it began to learn the moves for itself (easy when you’ve got 8 limbs). The Squid has now returned; ready to impart its knowledge.

If you’ve got lots of space, team up with friends with the Techtonik Group Animation Pack! From the frantic Achilles Heel to the funky Breton Bounce, no one’s seen moves like these before – c’est très cool!


Lockwood Content Update 5 November

3rd November 2014

You strike a pose and the cameras flash; “So stylish!” “Magnifique!” the crowds of adoring fans cry out. With the Drey Supermodel poses pack 3, they’ll never see the same pose twice! With a range of seated, standing and reclining poses, this is the pack you’ve been waiting for. Remember to find your light, darling!

Poses worthy of a supermodel need clothes to model, and that’s where Drey comes in yet again. With the Parisienne line, you can live the French model lifestyle. Lacy skirts paired with structured blazers and versatile boot heels; perfect for a day out shopping in boutiques or relaxing with a croissant.

And from suave Paris, we’re hopping on a plane and emerging in vibrant Bollywood. With a combination of reimagined clothing and new Group and Individual Animation packs, it’s the time to be a Bollywood star! Put on your embroidered croptop and start a danceroutine!Bollywood_Dances_Clothing_301014_684x384

The LKWD Life update is here! An increased level cap, more rewards and XP given by the Redeeminator for owning LKWD items!


Castle Strakh!

13th October 2014

Castle Strakh has been waiting for you. A dark and terrible castle in an isolated mountain range, Castle Strakh has been abandoned for many years, but the tales of its past change like the howling winds.CastleStrakh_240914_684x384

Some say the castle is haunted by the ghostly bride of Count Strakh, who flung herself from the highest tower in despair. Others say she was murdered by the Count for discovering his secrets.

There are whispers of a secret laboratory powered by the raging storms, cages full of skeletons, pits of lava, and terrible experiments to transform men into monsters. Those who hear these curious stories are drawn towards Castle Strakh Graveyard, where they gaze across the chasm in fear and wonder. Only those invited by the Count can enter, do you dare take up the invitation?


Lockwood Content Update 15 October

13th October 2014

It’s nearly Halloween, so come out of your shell with some daring outfits from Secrets! Whether you’re in the mood to be a tempting vampire, an alluring devil, a spellbinding witch or a slinky cat, we’ve got your costume needs covered. Accessorise to your heart’s content to create a full on fantasy costume, or a bold statement outfit for any event! Dresses, corsets, skirts and catsuits are all on offer, with boots, strappy heels to complete the look! Whether you’re tricking or treating, cause a spooky stir!Secrets_Halloween_Outfits_151014_684x384

The Direwolf is a huge prehistoric predator, long thought extinct. But we at Lockwood have summoned some up in our evil lab, and now you can transform into one! Not with an evil spell (sadly), but with an LMO! Tower over any other wolves out there, find a dramatic place, and howl at the moon! Arooooooooooooooooooo!DireWolves_151014_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 8 October

6th October 2014

A good costume needs the right poses to really show it off. It works for fashion, so why not for horror? Show off your spooky outfits to the full, or strike a creepy pose to scare your friends with the Scary Poses animation pack from Lockwood! Flee in terror from an awful creature of the night, lurch like a zombie or slump like a skeleton! Perfect for Halloween parties and photo shoots.Foal_Halloween_Prints_240914_684x384

Born on a dark and stormy night in an evil laboratory, the Giant Vampire Bats are here and they vant to suck your bloooood! Transform into one of these huge creatures of the night, or ride on one to really make an entrance.Scary_Poses_240914_684x384

We know you love Halloween, and you really want to show it, but dressing up in a full costume the whole time doesn’t really fulfil your style requirements. That’s where Foal comes in; with fun and fashionable prints with a spooky twist. Foal’s bat, pumpkin or skeleton prints can be teamed with more neutral pieces for a seasonal look, or accessorised into something far more sinister, it’s really up to you!VampireBats_240914_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 1 October

29th September 2014

October is here, and things are starting to creep forth from the dark in readiness for Halloween. The first to arise from Lockwood are the Zombie Horses, nightmarish glowing mounts ready to strike fear into the hearts of friends and foes alike! Take one home to be your noble (if somewhat boney) steed or transform into one yourself.ZombieHorses_170914_684x384

Whether you’re summoning an eldritch being from the beyond, or just making the dance floor that little bit scarier, the Demon Dances Group Animation Pack will ensure you and your terrifying friends receive all the attention. Team it up with Halloween costumes for a spooky spectacular!Demon_Dances_GAP_170914_684x384

If full on horror isn’t your thing,maybe Gothic Lolita clothing is more to your tastes? With delicate lace and ruffles paired with dark gothic colours and patterns, Gothic Lolita is the perfect mix of creepy and kawaii. Mix and match your outfit with choice of a dress, vest, skirt and boots.Anime_Gothic_Lolita_170914_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 24 September

22nd September 2014

This week is all about strutting your stuff, in a big way. Women, glamour, and the art of the tease are being celebrated this week! Ultra feminine, smokin’ hot, fashionable are just a few ways of describing the new Corsets by Secrets. Our fashion experts have been looking to the Victorian era for inspiration, and they are calling out corsets as the summer fashion favourite. Feel beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy in your own skin with these Burlesque icon inspired beauties.Secrets_Corsets_240914_684x384

Burlesque GAP’s are bringing sexy back with some sassiness and cheek. Prepare to wiggle the night away with a confident attitude of a women who knows exactly what they want in life.Secrets_GAP_240914_684x384

Drop Science is back with a Breakdance Battle GAP! From the smallest neighbourhood jam to the biggest international b-boy battle, all breakdance battles bring out the competitive fire in every true b-boys soul.Drop_Science_GAP_240914_684x384

To please your feet we also have a selection of LKWD shoes, to mix and match with your wardrobe!LKWD_General_Shoes_240914_684x384

Lockwood Content Update 17 September

15th September 2014

Hey hey! Look what we’ve got for you this week!

No matter what era you’re in; don’t step onto the dance floor without your hair in perfect style. The new Medusa Sweethearts range has banished bad hair days to the retro past! Play it sweet with the Cassidy, make sure everyone knows your hair is large and in charge with the Crystal, or go classic with the Cordelia.


It’s time to dance – retro style! New Dance Craze GAPs and animation packs from Lockwood will ensure you and your friends are the talk of the town! Putting on a 1950s musical? Got you covered. Suddenly found yourself transported back in time to a 90s disco and need to fit in? No problem!Dance_Craze_GAP_170914_684x384


It’s the dystopian future. Tumbleweeds blow across the arid desert, and a lone bounty hunter surveys the surroundings. The harsh sun glints off of their Retro Future sunglasses, and their leather desert gear creaks as they shift their weight, scanning for their prey. If this sounds like you, then track down new Sodium Bounty Hunter outfits in the store and Gift Machine!Sodium_Bounty_Hunters_170914_684x384

While you’re searching out your prey, your hunt for the perfect pair of dungarees may be over! Foal has stepped up to the mark, with fashion-forward dungarees for guys and gals – and as it’s Foal you know the colours will be bright and the patterns will be bold!Foal_Dungarees_170914_684x384


Lockwood Content Update 10 September

8th September 2014

Bring out your flirtatious and sensual side with our new Thigh High Boots and Hotpants by Secrets. Your legs deserve to be beautiful as you attract eyes from every corner of the room. Daring and yet fashionable, you’ll be a real showstopper in these bad boys!ThighHighBoots_100914_684x384

Figment is back with some Designer Jumpsuits for an effortless, no fuss style. One piece outfits have been trending in recent times, so don’t miss out on the current fad! These outfits are not for those who merely want to blend in with the crowd; Figment Jumpsuits are eye-catchingly colourful and brazen!JumpSuit_100914_684x384

Take to the dance floor and shake your booty like a true Bollywood star! A Bollywood movie is not a Bollywood movie without a generous helping of song and dance, so you and your friends can get your groove on this week in a group dance session.BollywoodGAP_100914_684x384

Get your cheer on with these totally awesome group cheerleading moves. “L-O-C-K-W-O-O-D, GOOOOO LOCKWOOD!” Grab some friends and form a spontaneous cheer section!